8 points I was very surprised in Da Lat on a trip to Vietnam

1. NATURE – after the palms we were greeted sharply: only pine forests with a pinch of bamboo.
2. NUMBER OF GREENHOUSES – there is a sea of ​​u200bu200bstrawberries [only they sell it green or pack it in boxes. Everything seems to be exported 😣]
🎼 classical music plays in the greenhouses all day long for better crop growth
3. HURMA – the trees here are like weeds. Almost ripe fruits hang in any ditch.
4. PRICES – it's completely incomprehensible to me: how is it in the city center? where are the tourists? the cost of goods is the same as in remote supermarkets.
5. The city is indeed very EUROPEAN in style. Everything is so well-groomed and clean.
6. EUROPEANS – nowhere in Asia have I seen so many Germans, British, Swedes, etc. I wonder how they advertise Asian Dalat 🤔
7. DIFFERENCE OF CULTURE – 130 km from Nha Trang, but it seems that you have arrived in another country! The main dishes are different, the attitude towards people and animals is different…
8. WINE — 150₽ [didn’t know there were many vineyards in Dalat]

P.S. And huh? How? They live without chocolate to find any chocolate bar – Sasha had to go to a big supermarket 🙈
Which item is the most amazing for you?

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