Bali: 10 things to do on the island

Bali looks like heaven on earth to most people, and this image is actively supported by vivid photos. But what to do if, having arrived on the island, you stand on the beach and understand that it is somehow not like that? And palm trees are also not Bounty… February 16, 2022 AUTHOR: Yulia Nikityuk 1 10 min

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Bali: 10 things to do on the island

Julia Nikityuk Traveler with experience

The answer is simple: you are not standing there!

But where are these hidden paradise beaches and what to do on vacation to feel the very unique flavor of the island, read below.

Bali: 10 things to do on the island

Photo by Bart Weerdenburg

Immediately, Bali is a large Indonesian island with busy traffic. You will not be able to quickly move from one end to the other, so today we will talk about the southern and central parts of the island.

So, your “to do list” in Bali might look like this:

1. Enjoy exotic seafood for a nominal fee

Jimbaran Beach is famous for its seaside fish restaurants. Wooden tables in the sand, white tablecloths, appropriate (far from the lowest) price tags – all this is perfect for those tourists who are used to comfort. But if the soul asks for adventure, then you should look at the fish market, which is located nearby. All restaurants in the area choose seafood there. When you see this variety of exotic living creatures, your hand immediately reaches for the camera, but, first of all, it is a joy for gourmets – you can choose what you like and cook your “prey” nearby.

Bali: 10 things to do on the island

The process is very simple: you choose shrimp, fish, lobsters, shells, humpbacked skates (underline as appropriate), bargain with the seller and then give it to the skilled grillers who stand nearby and, for a nominal fee, will deliciously grill your catch. The cost of cooking does not depend on the type of fish and is determined only by weight. Fresh coconuts, watching the locals and contemplating the sea can brighten up the wait.

A half kilo of large shrimp and two small fish will cost you about $5, cooking and a coconut $3. Total: $8 for two for an excellent dinner.

2. Become a skilled surfer

Bali's beaches regularly rank among the top surf spots in the world. If your dream is to conquer the wave, then why not fulfill your dream on this island? The most popular among beginners is Kuta Beach, which is located near the airport in Denpasar. But you need to remember that those beaches where the waves are ideal for beginners are crowded and can hardly be called “paradise”. Therefore, if you see yourself slicing through the waves on colorful beaches where professionals ride, you will have to make serious efforts to master the board in the shortest possible time.

Bali: 10 things to do on the island

For those travelers who understand that a short vacation may not be enough for the full development of a new hobby – surfing, and do not want to sunbathe with krepatura, there is an alternative. We arrive at Pantai Suluban Uluwatu beach (Blue Point), go up to the observation decks and enjoy a free show performed by professional surfers from all over the world while drinking your favorite cocktail. A colorful view, a bright ship near the shore and good waves are not the only attractions of the place. The entrance to the ocean is a small piece of land in the bay, flooded with water approximately to the waist. From these rocks surfers go out into the open waters.

3. Be impressed by the view from the top of a sheer cliff

In the south of the island, there is the Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple, which according to legend protects the island from evil spirits. The temple is original and interesting, but what really impresses is the breathtaking view of the ocean that opens from the top!

Bali: 10 things to do on the island

Photo by David O'Keeffe

Describing in words the beauty of strong waves that crash against sheer 100-meter cliffs is probably a thankless task. I suggest you see it with your own eyes and try to remember it in every detail. There will be something to remember on winter evenings when you return home.

4. Taste the most expensive coffee in the world

Many coffee lovers know that the most expensive coffee in the world is Kopi Luwak coffee, which is produced thanks to the special digestion of musangs. The process looks something like this: the animal had lunch with coffee beans, digested them, coffee lovers came running, quickly cleaned, fried and let's taste.

Bali: 10 things that should be done on the island

Bali: 10 things to do on the island

There are many farms in Bali where these cute animals are bred and are ready to offer for a small fee ($5-10) a set of different drinks for tasting, including the famous Kopi Luwak. Some connoisseurs say that on farms, the taste may differ, because musangs are deprived of the opportunity to independently choose the most delicious coffee fruits and eat only what they are given.

5. Live in the jungle of Ubud

Ubud is called the soul of the island for a reason. Feeling of complete tranquility and relaxation surrounded by the jungle, picturesque viewing platforms, ancient temples, mountain rivers and, of course, the rich green color of nature. There are plenty of hotels and guesthouses in Ubud. For example, you can stay at the well-known, thanks to the program “Eagle and Tails”, the hotel “Hanging Gardens” for $ 1600/day. Or you can read the reviews and choose a guesthouse with a jungle view for only $15 per night – for example, Pondok Bali Ubud Guest House, Timo House Ubud or Lotus Villa Ubud.

Bali: 10 things to do on the island

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