We agreed that an all-inclusive holiday and without leaving the hotel… [hmm, and there is already the word rest, so that's where the dog is buried 😅]

. .. in general, this is supposedly not a trip! Even if this hotel is located far away.

Here are some wise "or not so" thoughts appeared. Is there a difference between REST and TRAVEL?

But to go somewhere on your own, see the country, study the local culture, cuisine is already a journey 🌏

⠀Some people have been living in the country for several years and don't know what local dishes are called or what they consist of. I don't think this can be called a trip. Just life, like in your hometown.


I recently came across a phrase in on the Internet:

💬 “If you want to save on vacation, then it's better to stay at home”

I think that saving money while traveling is quite normal, important and adequate.

⠀And it turns out that again the concepts of REST and TRAVEL have diverged hmm 🤔

Any ideas on this?


⠀P.S. All versions and "Are you crazy? Recreation "all inclusive" don't call it a journey!” welcome 😂

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