When you first come here, it's hard not to fall in love. It leaves a trace of sincerity and comfort ✨ It has some kind of enveloping magic. And here you go again…

What's so great about Nha Trang? Traveling in Vietnam

1. TEMPERATURE – fine and stable. Minimum +20°С. Therefore, there are many winterers and tourists even in January.
2. BEACHES – divine. Huge, long. Covered with fine, light sand. And they are cleaned every night [in the center you will not find a private beach that belongs to a certain hotel]
3. EMBANKERS – as magical as the beaches. Well maintained, clean, with 1000 benches, gazebos and fountains.
4. FRUITS – will delight 365 days a year [this was the first country from which we brought fruit baskets]
5. POPULATION – when you are here on vacation – you will have time to experience 1000 smiles and amenities.
6. PRICES – prices in the tourist area will be much cheaper than in the usual European resorts.
7. RUSIFICATION – do not know any language? It doesn't matter, almost everyone will understand you in Russian. You will find familiar words on signs and menus.
8. WORK – they calmly hire Russians. And there is enough work here: from waiters to business owners [it all depends on desire]
And a pinch of unique magic that makes you fall in love 😍

What is the most important thing on this list for you? I am delighted with the temperature stability, especially after St. Petersburg 🙈

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