1. Get vaccinated and chipped: NOT LATE than one month before crossing the border

How to transport a dog|cat to Vietnam

1.1. Before vaccination anthelmintic for 5-10 days [if there is no stable treatment]
2. Before buying tickets: ALWAYS❗ call the airline and make sure they take pets on board
2.2. Specify the cost and conditions of transportation of animals
3. We buy carriers according to air travel standards [not a cage, not a net]
3.3. For pets in the aircraft cabin: check the size of the carrier and allowances. For dogs in the luggage compartment: a non-spill bowl
4. We call the airline again and register the animal for the flight [the number of seats on board is LIMITED❗]
5. We issue a certificate at the state veterinary station: not earlier than 3 days before crossing the border STRICTLY❗
6. We change the certificate for an international veterinary certificate at the airport or train station [it is possible before departure or in advance]
7. Do not worry! In Vietnam, no one looks and checks. The main thing is to coordinate with the airline and get permission to fly 🤗😘

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