Journey to another country — the opportunity to see a lot of interesting things, and at the same time to get acquainted with the culture of different peoples. At the same time, in order not to cause condemnation in the ranks of local residents and not to have problems with law enforcement officers, you need to know about such useful little things as the rules of the street dress code. We tell you how to dress tourists in Dubai so that their trip is comfortable and conflict-free.

Secrets of successful holidays: how to dress for women on vacation in Dubai

How to dress in Dubai: general information

Despite all its tolerance, the United Arab Emirates — a country with fairly strict Islamic principles. The latter also apply to how women tourists dress in Dubai. True, they are not so strict with visitors. If local residents who profess Islam should be extremely picky about choosing an outfit and hide their bodies from prying eyes in every possible way, and sometimes their faces, tourists do not have to do this. 

If you compare different emirates, then Dubai allows greater freedom in terms of choice clothes. But Sharjah and Abu Dhabi are more strict in this regard.

Secrets of a successful vacation: how to dress for women on vacation in Dubai

Let's go to the beach : what outfit to choose

On all coasts of the UAE, without exception, nudism is prohibited. The same goes for topless tanning. Penalties for breaking the law are strict and are even spelled out in the criminal code. As for the choice of a swimsuit, in Dubai, unlike Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah, it can be open (bikini). But not too explicit.

What to wear in Dubai figured out. It is also worth noting here that it is strictly forbidden to leave the beach area (private beach or hotel beach) in a swimsuit. If this is done, you should first expect a verbal warning from the police, and in case of disobedience — and more severe punishment.

Since sunbathing topless on the beach is not allowed, some tourists go for a little trick. To ensure that the tan is even and there are no traces of the straps, lying on your stomach, you can carefully untie them. In this case, you can not be afraid of a fine or other penalty.

The best clothes for walking around the city

Dubai is warm all year round, so light clothing made from natural fabrics is the best choice for a trip. For women, in addition to dresses and skirts, trousers and shorts are acceptable. True, the length of the latter should reach at least the knees. Any loose-fitting clothing is also welcome.

What else should be considered when choosing what to wear in Dubai for tourists is the presence of a headdress. In the summer months, the air temperature in Dubai can rise up to 40 degrees. Panama, baseball cap or hat will protect against overheating and sunstroke.

Why it is worth grabbing a light jacket or some kind of cape is for trips to shopping and entertainment centers. In these oases it is always cool due to the active use of air conditioners, so you can even freeze. It will also come in handy for relaxing by the water, if your vacation in the UAE fell on the summer months.

What to wear to the desert

If your dream — ride in the desert on a camel or jeep, admire the endless sand dunes from a bird's eye view, then bet on the most comfortable shoes and clothes. From shoes, for example, sandals or sneakers are perfect. But sandals without a back — not the best option.

A light jacket or a warm sweater — the weather outside the city is cooler and sometimes even unpredictable. Snow, of course, is not to be expected, but the coolness can take you by surprise. /sekrety-udachnogo-otdyha-kak-odevatsja-zhenshhinam-na-otdyhe-v-dubae-4a9d89a.jpg” alt=”Secrets of a successful vacation: how to dress for women on vacation in Dubai” />

Visit religious complexes

In conclusion, we will discuss how women should dress in Dubai to visit religious complexes. If you want to wander around the old quarters, you should stick to a conservative style in clothes. Long sleeves, loose fit and — are welcome. Women are allowed to enter the mosques, but the head and shoulders must be covered with clothes. In some places, they may offer to wear a traditional outfit for these purposes — abaya.

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