The most popular glamping sites in Sochi, Kazan, Karelia and Altai in 2022

It is impossible to build a full-fledged resort complex in a short time, and, perhaps the only alternative option for comfortable living is glamping. By the way, they can be arranged where capital construction is prohibited – in places that are the hallmark of Russia.

Glamping with a good level of comfort can be built quickly and at a lower cost than a hotel with a similar set of services.

If you make a map of the distribution of glampings, then only the tundra and Antarctica will remain uncovered. And most of them are where there is a real tourist flow – in the European part of the country.

But there are, of course, other regions. At the beginning of 2022, there are 230 glamping sites in Russia. Most of them are located in 13 regions. Experts from Fullerdome, a manufacturer of geodome structures, are talking about the best examples today.

Krasnodar Territory

After the Moscow and Leningrad regions, the Krasnodar Territory is the undisputed leader in the pace of construction of glamorous campsites.

The main place of attraction for tourists here is the Black Sea, so it is logical that most of the glamping sites are located on the coast and in protected areas. Mostly in Sochi. And these are, without exaggeration, glamorous campsites with premium service, corresponding to 4-5 star hotel comfort. Cafes, restaurants, an equipped beach, entertainment, excursions and even spas are often included in the price.

This class includes Glamping “Sphere” in Krasnaya Polyana. Spherical houses are located in a very cozy atmospheric place, with stunning panoramic views of the mountains and the lake. The design, as is customary in this class, is the author's, unique. Waking up with such a landscape outside the window is almost a separate service. it can be included in the price.

The most popular glampings in Sochi, Kazan, Karelia and Altai in 2022

There are glampings in Evpatoria, Anapa, Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik, Dzhubga, Tuapse and other places. The most popular are located by the sea, such as Glam Campingin Evpatoria. Unlike in Sochi, the situation here is simpler. Guests are accommodated in spherical tents with air conditioners and refrigerators. Panoramic windows overlook the sea. The distance from the tent to the shore is only a few meters. Toilets and showers are on site.

The most popular glampings in Sochi, Kazan, Karelia and Altai in 2022


Tatarstan is also on the list of leading regions in terms of the number of glamping sites. In 2022, 14 objects of this format are operating here. Interest in ecotourism is growing. It is especially attractive to young people. Therefore, another 15 glamping sites are planned to be built before the end of the year. karelii-i-na-altae-v-2022-godu-a226e94.jpg” alt=”The most popular glamping sites in Sochi, Kazan, Karelia and Altai in 2022″ />

One of the most interesting projects is Urman Camp glamping. Here guests are offered housing of different concepts: relaxation by the river, rest in a house in the forest, a steam room in the original bath complex or furaco. This complex is located in the forest and is considered the most “channy” in Tatarstan. Guests live in A-frame cabins and safari tents. In addition to an individual terrace, each house has a barbecue area and a furaco, where you can take a bath all year round.

The most popular glampings in Sochi, Kazan, Karelia and Altai in 2022

Not far from Kazan there is glampingBest Glamp Lesnaya Polyana” with 19 houses. The owners built them in different formats: Tiny house, Double-Tiny house, A-frame and geo-dome. The glamping has an original domed restaurant with a panoramic view of the river. Luxurious comfort of Best Glamp Lesnaya Polyana glamping. The price of accommodation already includes three meals a day and various drinks as in good hotels.

The most popular glamping sites in Sochi, Kazan, Karelia and Altai in 2022

For glampingWild dingo dog» in Kazan, there was a place on the peninsula in the area of ​​Staroe Pobedilovo. The complex includes five family-type tents. There is a sauna, a kitchen, a grill area and even a private pier. Around the pine forest, where you can relax after swimming in the Volga Bay or riding on the Sap.


In the Altai Mountains or, as it is also called, Russian Tibet has 6 natural zones: steppe, tundra strip, forest zone, semi-desert, subalpine and alpine zones. Glamping locations are here for every taste. Today there are more than 30 complexes.

The most popular glamping sites in Sochi, Kazan, Karelia and Altai in 2022

It is interesting that most glamping sites in Altai are domed hotels. They are located in absolutely secluded places, but with maximum comfort. Like, for example, the eco-hotelMir Altai“, where the snowy Severo-Chuysky Range is visible from the domed house, and the air is permeated with the aroma of mountain herbs and pine needles.


The unique northern nature of this region – turbulent rivers, lakes, forests filled with the scent of pine needles, rich flora and fauna, beautiful sunsets attract tourists from all over Russia. Glamping gives you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in this atmosphere.

The most popular glamping sites in Sochi, Kazan, Karelia and Altai in 2022

< p>In Karelia, glamorous campsites are set up even in the most unusual places. One of these is Ladoga Skerries, where enterprising people built LAGO LADOGA glamping from 10 comfortable geo-dome tents with a panoramic view of Lake Ladoga. Designed for 2-4 people. There is a dining area and a seating area with a fireplace.

The most popular glampings in Sochi, Kazan, Karelia and Altai in 2022

< p>The opportunity not only to relax, but also to work (fast Wi-Fi on the territory) is provided by Glamping NewCamp Essoila. It is located on the picturesque bank of the Syamozero, surrounded by firs and pines. From all types of structures for glamping, wooden houses were chosen here and equipped with everything necessary for life. You can explore the area by renting a bike, boat, ATV or SUP board. NewCamp is loved by young couples, families with children, freelancers.

Glampings are becoming more and more popular every year. Entrepreneurs, including major players, are investing in this business. And not in the creation of facilities, but also in the production of equipment for their arrangement.

In 2022, the Russian government allocated 700 million rubles for the development of the industry. 150 projects in various regions of the country can receive financial support. If all of them are implemented, then the number of glampings will approach 400, and the Russians will have the opportunity to see even more beautiful corners of Russia.

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