Top 5 must-see places for tourists in Yelabuga — a city with a 1,000-year history

Since ancient times, Yelabuga has attracted famous great people who lived here and developed the city: this is the cavalry girl Nadezhda Durova, and the artist Ivan Shishkin, and the poetess Marina Tsvetaeva, and the merchant family of the Stakheevs, and many others. To this day, modern Yelabuga attracts the great ones, such as Vadim Maheev, the founder of the Maheev brand, whose products are rightfully considered one of the best and are marked with the quality mark of the most prestigious and well-known competitions and awards, both in Russia and abroad. outside of it.

The consortium of Travel Business School and the Center for Territorial and Spatial Development “YARUS” is currently working on a project for the territorial development of the city of Yelabuga as part of the “All-Russian Competition for the Best City Center Tourism Code Projects” from Rostourism through the National Project “Tourism and Hospitality Industry” ”.

When planning your next trip, be sure to pay attention to Yelabuga – we recommend it!

And today we present to your attention a checklist for a tourist: 5 things that will make your trip to Yelabuga unforgettable.

A trending place that must be visited is the Merchant Center of the Old City. Walk along the perfectly preserved streets that keep the glory of the merchants, learn more about the history of the Elabuga merchants: Stakheevs, Ushkov and others.

Top 5 must-see places for tourists in Yelabuga — 1,000 years of history

Checklist “5 things to do in Yelabuga”:

#1 . Visit the museums of the city, which reveal the names of great people

This will take a separate day, and perhaps even more than one. Elabuga rightfully proudly bears the title of one of the most “museum” cities in the country, because there are as many as 16 of them: the house-museum of I.I. V. M. Bekhtereva.

#2. Take a photo at the Devil's Hillfort

The Devil's Hillfort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a legendary place shrouded in legends and mysteries. Walk through the historical places where in the X-XIV centuries there was a stronghold of the Bulgarians in the eastern Pre-Kama region. Amazing panoramic views of Yelabuga and, of course, the solution to the mystery of the name of this amazing place are waiting for you.

Top 5 must-see places for tourists in Yelabuga — a city with a 1,000-year history

#3. Take a walk around Shishkin's places

See familiar landscapes the way the great artist saw them, who forever immortalized the beauties of Elabuga in his canvases.

< strong>#4. Visit the Memorial Complex of Marina Tsvetaeva

Touch the life story of Marina Tsvetaeva, walk around the places she visited, honor the memory at her grave:

“How a ray illuminates you!

You are covered in golden dust…

Don't be embarrassed

My voice is from underground.”

Top 5 must-see places for tourists in Yelabuga — 1,000 years of history

#5. Buy the well-known Maheev products

It is in Yelabuga that for more than 20 years high-quality products have been produced, awarded with prestigious awards not only in Russia, but also abroad. By the way, the owner of the company still lives in his native city, continuing the traditions of his ancestors.

in the best traditions of the Stakheev merchants.

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