2 months in Nha Trang 😱
There's a lot of new things around and we don't have time to keep track of time! Here we have already learned a lot of things and it remains only to put down roots in order to become a full-fledged local [shopping for junk, furnishing an apartment].
And this is completely contrary to our plans! And there is no desire to put down any roots 😂

 Two months in Vietnam, normal flight

🛵 Cambodia – 850 km route and 4 intermediate points.
Tentatively, the journey will take about a month.
Our first destination is Dalat, we will be there for a week.

Now the bikes are being actively prepared [replacement oil, checking systems] and selling things [because there was not much, but they managed to clutter up].
I really want to go to Dalat 😍 everyone advertises it like that. And we already stocked up on our favorite non-tourist locations to visit 😈

At the moment, there is only one unresolved question:
❓ Where can I find boards or iron profiles to enlarge the trunk on my own and transport carriers and suitcases 🤔

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