A weekend in Milan: what to see?

Milan is a city of fashion and beautiful sights. Some people go there just to buy a bunch of new clothes, while others go there to see interesting places, which are not few there, and learn about the history of the city. In this article, I will share my experience and tell you what to do in the northern capital of Italy, if you find yourself there. February 17, 2022 AUTHOR: Sonya Stryukova 0 3 min

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A weekend in Milan: what look?

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I have been to Italy more than once, namely to Rome, Florence, Verona, Venice, Turin, Bologna. This time my family and I went to Milan, because we have already visited several of the most popular cities in Italy, but not yet in its fashionable capital. Also in Milan there is something to see from sights, restaurants, museums, so there are enough reasons to visit there.

Italy is famous for its delicious food, and each Italian region is famous for its local dishes. Milan also has them. For example, panzerotti with cheese – Italian pies; ossobuko – stewed veal shank; Kassola – Pork stew with Savoy cabbage. You can try these dishes in almost every restaurant.

 Weekend in Milan: what to see?

Where to go from Milano?

  • Duomo Cathedralis the symbol of Milan. Few people who come to Milan will not pass by him. The cathedral is very beautiful both outside and inside. My family and I managed to visit not only inside, but also on the roof of the building.

Going to the Duomo Cathedral, use this life hack: usually a very large queue of tourists line up at the entrance to one part of the building, but you can enter another part of the Cathedral through another entrance, where there will not be such a long queue, because the Italians go there to pray. We pretended to be Italians and quickly got to the Duomo.

  • Victor Emmanuel Gallery ||– a place where you can get clothes from different famous brands or just take a walk. This gallery can be called a museum, because here you can see different frescoes, mosaics, sculptures. The gallery is located next to the Duomo, so visiting both sights in a short period of time will not be difficult.

Weekend in Milan: what to see?

Photo by Caleb Stokes

A weekend in Milan: what to see?

Photo by Jordan Pulmano

  • La Scala is a famous opera house. Every opera singer dreams of performing on this stage. From the outside it does not look too pompous, but inside it is magnificent. Near the theater you can see a fountain – such drinking fountains are often found on the streets of Milan.
  • Sforza Castle– a castle that was built as the residence of the dukes of one dynasty. You can take a walk both on the territory of the castle and inside – in the museum and art gallery.
  • Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie – a church in which you can see one of the most famous paintings of the cult painter Leonardo da Vinci “The Last Supper”. Tickets need to be bought in advance, but if you arrive at the box office very early, you will have a chance to buy refuse tickets the same day.

There is a very interesting museum in Milan – Leonardo National Museum of Science and Technology da Vinci. There I saw a lot of inventions by Leonardo da Vinci, but most of all I was interested in a small stone brought by astronauts from the moon. Among the exhibits of the museum are airplanes, locomotives, cars and even submarines, and you can even sit in many locomotives and planes.

Milan is a very beautiful city, which I advise everyone to visit – both adults and children. I will always remember the trip to Milan and I want to go there again!

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