Albania: helping refugees from Ukraine

Citizens of Ukraine can enter the territory of the Republic of Albania in the presence of any document confirming their identity by land transport. There are no Covid restrictions either. 05 April 2022 0 2 min

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Conditions of stay

As in other European countries, here you can get the status of “temporary protection”. Temporary protection is valid for 1 year with the possibility of extension for another year – citizens have a humanitarian residence permit. With the status of temporary protection, citizens of Ukraine have the right to accommodation, meals in the center, education, free medical care in state institutions and support in finding a job.

Entry with animals

A veterinary passport is required.

How to get there?

Most European countries, except for the Russian Federation, have flights with Albania. The best option is direct flights from Warsaw. Tickets at the best prices here.

For those who travel by car and bus, all checkpoints at the border work.


It is possible to organize free accommodation and meals through the Ukrainian Embassy in Albania. Assistance with accommodation is also offered by the Aler hotel chain – everyone can send a request on Facebook.

Also, as before, you can find housing on these resources:

  • need-a-home

Help chats

Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Albania

Address : 1001, Tirana, Rruga Ukraina e Lire (former Donika Kastrioti), 5

+355 445 055 35/Hotline: +355 69 489 8865 (alternative e-mail: )

https://www.facebook .com/UkrEmbAlbania

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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