💭 "Let's go to the thermal springs, they are located in Nha Trang. Approximately 20 minutes from the center?"
And we are already standing surrounded by Chinese and studying the prices for visiting. There are mud and herbal baths, and a standard entrance ticket for 170,000 dong (476₽).

Thermal springs in Vietnam Lifelong trip

At the entrance, there is a friendly sign "TOWELS WE GIVE FREE 1 TIME, PLEASE USE CAREFULLY" ***
The main tourist in Vietnam is Russian and Chinese. You will always find familiar text in big tourist spots.

Vietnam Hot Springs A Lifelong Journey

You can hear the sound of the waterfall, but you can’t see anything at all, except for the first welcome pool. @gene4ek88 says it's hot now and let's go to the normal temperature zone first. In order not to boil immediately at +40°C.

Hot springs in Vietnam Life long trip

In front of us is the pool behind swimming pool, not the first time we notice the number of artificial waterfalls. It is very surprising that there are always free sunbeds and white sand throughout the territory 🌴

Before shooting a video on YouTube, I study the place and read something interesting about it:
"There is a water park area from where offers a gorgeous view from the pool without borders” – reads the text from the article.
For a short time I think we saw Russians who arrived in an electric car from the second territory of the complex 😱😍
It turned out that there were 2 more pools, 10 slides and many interesting things waiting for us there🔥

P.S. in Nha Trang, be sure to visit the "I-Resort Spa" it will not leave you without pleasant impressions

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