In Thailand on May 13, the “season rain.” Tour operators call the low season a period of high opportunities for tourists looking to save money. The experts spoke about the summer special offers of hotels, voiced the cost of tours and other advantages of summer Thailand.


Should or not fly to Thailand in the low season? Tour operators working on the destination give an affirmative answer.

And they explain that every summer Thailand gives its guests a truly royal gift: it provides an excellent opportunity to relax here for the minimum money for this direction.

Hotels from May to August significantly reduce accommodation prices, introduce special offers and privileges, the price tag is also reduced in cafes, shops, excursions are getting cheaper. And summer in Thailand is a warm sea, sun, a lot of fruits and a riot of vegetation around.


As for the common stereotype about rains in the format “a wall of water from morning to evening”, this misconception has been rapidly losing its strength in recent years.

“Experienced travelers and lovers of Southeast Asia have long known that“ horror stories” about the so-called “rainy season” in relation to Thailand work very poorly. Yes, indeed, in the summer it rains in many regions of Thailand, but they are short-term, and tourists in the summer will definitely not have to spend their entire vacation to the accompaniment of rain jets, ”says the head of the commercial division of the tour operator Intourist Philip Obruchev-Mironov.

Those who are still afraid of even short rains are waiting for the resorts of the Gulf of Thailand – Pattaya, Koh Samui, Hua Hin. There is always less rain than in other areas of the country, and it rains most often at night. And during the day the sun shines, sometimes being replaced by light clouds. It doesn't interfere with tanning.

Hotel in Thailand. Summer, rainy season, cloudy. Photo

But in Phuket and the nearby islands of Phi Phi it rains more often, recalls Lyubov Chuchmaeva, marketing director of PAX.

At PAC Group, he recommends that tourists who do not want to face the rain at all go to explore the completely inimitable north of Thailand – Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in the summer.


As for the “summer waves”. Waves in the south of Thailand in the summer are really not uncommon, but here – how lucky.

“The sea here in summer is on average not as calm as in winter, but again, not always,” the Russian Express company clarifies. .

On the other hand, for surfers, on the contrary, the summer season in Thailand is the best. On the same Phuket, there are plenty of surf schools and board rentals – for beginners and not only.


Another nice feature of summer Thailand is the festivals. From May until the end of summer, the kingdom hosts a large number of celebrations, sports competitions and traditional festivals, including: the Candle Festival, Buddha's First Sermon Day, boat races.

Thailand hotels in "season rains

Candle Festival, Thailand, summer. Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Otherwise, leisure activities for tourists in the summer are no different from the winter season: rich excursions and boat trips, discos, shows.


“Fruit shock” is another emotion that tourists will experience when they choose Thailand as their summer holiday destination, promises Lyubov Chuchmayeva from PAKS. The fact is that summer is the best fruit season in Thailand. There are many fruits, more choice and they are much cheaper than in winter.

“Juicy and sweet mangosteen, fragrant kumquat, melt-in-your-mouth longan, papaya, herring, carambola and many, many other “outlandish” fruits at low prices. My eyes widen and I want to take everything at once,” recalls Ms. Chuchmaeva.

Mangosteen in Thailand. Photo

A Margarita Goncharenko, head of the outbound tourism department of the tour operator KMP Group, recommends summer Thailand to tourists who can hardly stand the tropical heat.

The expert assures that the rainy season is absolutely not something to be afraid of when planning a trip to Thailand. Quite the opposite: at this time, clouds save from the scorching sun, which, by the way, do not interfere with sunbathing at all, and refreshing monsoons from stuffiness.

General Director of TEZ Tour Thailand Andrey Snetkov draws attention to good service as a feature of the summer season.

He says that hotels in Phuket in the low season, as a rule, do not have a full load, so each guest receives an individual approach with a naturally high level of service.


From May to August, according to tour operators, hotels in resorts in Thailand significantly reduce prices for accommodation, discounts reach 40-50%. High-end hotels, in addition to discounts, can offer a whole range of privileges.

“Many categories of rooms in summer come at a price almost two times lower than in the winter season. Therefore, those who choose high-status and high-budget accommodation options can save a lot now,” says Philip Obruchev-Mironov from Intourist.

The PAKS company gives an example: a hotel InterContinental Koh Samui Resort 5*offers free breakfast at the Amber Restaurant, access to the Club InterContinental Lounge with light refreshing and non-alcoholic drinks, an evening digestif with premium wines, cocktails, sparkling wine, butler service and a separate reception desk for Club guests when booking a tour of 10 nights or more. InterContinental Lounge and villas.

Margarita Goncharenko from KMP Group also spoke about the summer special offers of hotels in Phuket.

For example, the hotel Banyan Tree 5* provides discounts of up to 40% on stays until the end of June when booking in May.

Hotel Banyan Tree Phuket 5*.

A hotel Angsana Laguna 5*offers a 25% discount on accommodation when booking before October 31st. Hotel prices this summer start at 21.5 thousand rubles. per night for two.


According to tour operators, now special prices for the entire summer season are offered, in particular, by these hotels in Phuket:

  • Dusit Thani Laguna ( discounts by May 31 for stays until October 31, 2022)
  • Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort (discounts for stays until October 31)
  • Nipa Resort (promo prices until October 31st)
  • Melia Phuket Mai Khao(discount by booking before May 31st for stays until October 31st, 2022)
  • SALA Phuket Mai Khao Beach Resort (discounts by booking before May 31st for stays until October 31st, 2022 .)
  • Indigo Phuket (discount by booking before May 31 for stays before September 3, 2022)
  • Phuket < strong>Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach(if booked before June 30, discounts for stays until October 31)
  • Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa (if booked before June 30, discounts for stays until October 31)
  • Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort (for bookings before June 30, discounts for stays until October 31)
  • Hilton Phuket Arcadia (if booked before May 31, discounts on accommodation until October 31)


Will the final price for tours to Thailand decrease due to attractive hotel prices? Tour operators say that there will be a decrease, but not a global one. After all, the main price component on a tour to Thailand is air travel.

Recall that now Russian tourists, in the absence of direct flights, get to Thailand on connecting flights by Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, flydubai, Etihad. Now the prices for a one-way flight in the summer vary from 60 to 100 thousand rubles. per person (free sale prices).

So far, these airlines have not announced a reduction in tariffs for the summer season, and it is unlikely that this will happen. However, tourists have the opportunity to save a lot on Thailand if they buy a tour with a flight from a tour operator right away.

The tour package includes air tickets at tour operator tariffs, which compare favorably to the lower side of prices in free sale. In fact, it is often possible to buy a weekly package tour per person for the price of only an air ticket.

How much do tours to Thailand cost in the summer of 2022

You can relax in the summer in Phuket with the Russian Express (with air travel) for 114.9 thousand rubles. for two. Duration of rest – 11 days. For a holiday on Koh Samui, the tour operator asks for 146.2 thousand rubles. for two for 11 days.

The tour operator PAC Group estimates a 10-day vacation in Phuket in the summer season at 156.7 thousand rubles. for two. A 5* hotel, air and insurance are included in the package.

You can buy a tour for 9 nights in Phuket from Intourist from 143 thousand rubles. for twowith a flight on Qatar Airways. With this price option, the docking in Qatar will be long – about 19 hours.

Intourist offers its tourists three types of stopovers in Qatar when flying to Thailand. An excellent opportunity to combine holidays in Thailand with relaxation and sightseeing in Qatar.

The PAX tour operator has the following prices for tours to Thailand (with flights) in the summer season:


strong>, 7 nights, tour price for 1 person in a double room:

  • June – from 58 thousand rubles
  • July – from 63 thousand rubles
  • August – from 59 thousand rubles

Phuket, 7 nights, per person in a double room:

  • June – from 62.5 thousand rubles
  • July – from 62 thousand rubles .
  • August – from 65 thousand rubles.


Tour operators see the prospects for summer Thailand as positive, good dynamics of both current and summer sales give hope for a successful season.


Russian Express says that despite the lack of direct flights and rather high ticket prices, sales of tours to Thailand are still going well. Mostly they book tours to the island of Phuket, lasting from 10 to 20 days, with accommodation in hotels of the 4-5 * category.

Sales of Thailand are confidently going on in the PAX company, PEGAS Touristik clients are also interested in holidays in this country , PAC Group. The KMP Group is counting on the activation of summer sales in Thailand from next week, explaining the temporary lull with the recent May holidays.

Intourist is also satisfied with sales. Philip Obruchev-Mironov says that after a significant simplification of entry conditions, there have been more bookings.

But the expert cannot yet talk about mass demand, he clarifies that this requires the resumption of direct flights and the ability to pay with Mir cards. The discussion of these two topics, according to diplomats, is ongoing, but no decisions have been made yet.

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