How to get on safari tours to Kenya and Tanzania and how much it costs

The Russian Express tour operator has recently expanded its collection of offers with exciting safari- tours to two popular African countries, Kenya and Tanzania. We tell you how to get there now, what programs and for what tourists there are, how much the tours cost. We also debunk the myths associated with Africa and safari.

“Now, in conditions when most of the popular destinations are inaccessible, tourists have an interest in a variety of recreational opportunities and in any open countries, including Africa with its safari tours. We observe this demand and offer new tours,” says Anna Filatovskaya, head of the advertising and PR department at Russian Express.

Two neighboring countries in Africa – Kenya and Tanzania – are home to some of the most popular safari parks in the world.

In addition, in both countries you can combine safaris and quality beach holidays: after an active holiday, relax on the beaches of Mombasa in Kenya or spend time on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar.

Sunset on the beach of Zanzibar, Tanzania. Photo


It is now possible to fly to both Kenya and Tanzania only by regular flights of foreign airlines. There are no direct flights – only with transfers.

“After the countries were closed for quarantine, the flight programs of air carriers have changed. There were fewer flights, connections worse. But now air carriers have begun to return to the previous level, and we believe that the tourist flow to these countries will begin to grow again, ”the Russian Express shares their expectations.

Booking a flight now is much more convenient through a tour operator (you won’t be able to book on airline websites yourself – payments with Russian cards will not work online).

But Russian Express cooperates with Ethiopian Airlines, flydubai, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways , Emirates, etc., and can issue a ticket to collect the entire tour.


In Kenya and Tanzania, there are no “high” and “low” seasons as such in terms of weather. In Kenya, the period from July to August is considered the high season, this is the time of the Great Animal Migration. But Russian tourists are not so much focused on the Great Migration, so we can say that the African safari for us is a year-round concept.

The weather in both Kenya and Tanzania is quite good all year round, with little rain. Summer is dry, the heat is easier to bear. Kenya has two short “wet” periods: April-May and November. In the north of Tanzania, the “wet” seasons are April-May, October-November, and in the south of the country – from November to April.

But this does not mean that during the “wet season” it rains all day long. In recent years, the climate has been changing all over the planet, it can only rain at night or in short periods of time during the day.

How to get on safari tours to Kenya and Tanzania and how much does it cost

Summer in Africa, safari tour. Get an idea of ​​the weather. Photo

Rains do not affect safari programs at all, but it is in these months that prices drop to a minimum, which makes tours more affordable for tourists.

“July and August are the high season for safari programs. Prices, if they start to decline, it will not be until autumn. But we initially have good group prices and have various program options, so we can find a tour for any request and wishes of tourists,” the Russian Express adds.


To Tanzania, unvaccinated tourists and Russians with domestic vaccines need a PCR testmade in no more than 72 hours. Tourists vaccinated with European vaccines are exempt from taking the test.

Entry rules to Kenya are virtually identical, except that < strong>on arrival unvaccinated (and vaccinated with Russian vaccines) tourists must pass an express antigen test (cost – 30 USD per person).

Visa rulessimple in both countries. In Kenya, an electronic visa, in Tanzania, a visa on arrival at the airports of Zanzibar, Dar as Salam and Kilimanjaro is possible (but you can apply online in advance).

The tour operator’s specialists will help you apply for a visa, while they pay attention that, if a tourist chooses programs in both countries, Kenya-Tanzania, you need to get a visa in advance, because it is desirable that it is already available at land border checkpoints.

For more details on the rules for entering both countries, see here: Tanzania, Kenya.


Specialists of the tour operator recommend that beginner travelers go on a safari for at least 3-5 nights.

There are, of course, programs lasting even 1-3 nights, but it is better to choose precisely from 3 nightsso that you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the animal world both in the daytime and at night, and also have time to visit at least 2-3 parks (they are all very different, and for a first impression it is advisable to visit several). The safaris themselves are held either early in the morning or in the evening. If tourists come for only 1 night, they will be able to see the bare minimum. Pretty much nothing.

How to get on safari tours to Kenya and Tanzania and how much it costs

Safari tour to Tanzania. Lions. Photo: Anna Filatovskaya

More experienced travelers can go on safari tours of 7 nights or more. Russian Express offers special routes, including for sophisticated tourists who have already been on a safari, and this time would like to get a more in-depth tour program.

The most popular routes – of course, with included services of an English-speaking guide. All programs that initially require an English-speaking guide can be booked with a Russian-speaking guide upon request and for an additional fee.


In Kenya, the most popular safari programs include a visit to the famous Masai Mara.

The Rhinoceros Trail tour is very popular, designed just for beginners: there are no domestic flights, tourists on the route move from the country's capital, Nairobi to Mombasa, an Indian Ocean resort, passing Amboseli and West Tsavo safari parks.

 How to get on safari tours in Kenya and Tanzania and how much it costs

Safari tour, Kenya, Lake Nakuru National Park. Photo: Anna Filatovskaya

The Leopard Trail, Giraffe Trail and Elephant Trail are also in demand- all these programs are designed by Russian Express for fixed dates, include visits to various safari parks and are perfectly combined with a beach holiday in Mombasa.

Russian Express specialists say that, among other things, a lot of requests for one of the most interesting hotels in the world – Giraffe Manor. It is famous for the fact that here you can have breakfast in the company of giraffes. Accommodation can be added to any tour operator's program, depending, of course, on the availability of rooms at the hotel itself.

Regarding Tanzania, programs with visits to the parks Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Tarangire are in demand here. These are the northern parks of Tanzania.

How to get on safari tours to Kenya and Tanzania and how much does it cost

Safari tour to Tanzania. National Park in the Ngorongoro Crater. Photo: Anna Filatovskaya

For example, the program with the included services of a Russian-speaking guide “Parks of Northern Tanzania” is in great demand among the company's clients. This tour includes safaris at Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro, Serengeti and Tarangire. The program can be easily combined with a holiday in Zanzibar.

Russian Express also offers the southern parks of Tanzania – Ruahu and Selous, but they are not so good yet known to our tourists.

In 2022, Russians most often book either separate safaris or safaris with holidays in beach resorts. Kenya and Tanzania are countries that traditionally boast good sales depth.

“Now we already have applications for September and October in the works. People who go on safari, as a rule, think over their trips in advance, so there are practically no last-minute tours and last-minute bookings for safari,” Russian Express specialists explain.


There are a number of myths about safari programsthat the travel industry hopes to debunk.

The most popular of the myths: “safari is a hunting tour”.

No ! In fact both in Kenya and Tanzania hunting is prohibited. Absolutely. Translated from the Swahili language, “safari” means “journey.” Safari tours are just a trip to the country of wild animals and watching them.

Another common myth: “Safari is not good for traveling with children”.

They say that constant moving is difficult for children. In reality, this is not the case: children from 7 years old are accepted in all safari programs.

“We even had experience with babies. As a rule, children tolerate safari tours very easily. Moreover, for them this tour becomes a journey into a fairy tale – they see with their own eyes “those” elephants, lions, rhinoceroses, hippopotamus crocodiles from books, cartoons and fairy tales. For them, this is a delight, ”says the Russian Express.

How to get on a safari tour to Kenya and Tanzania and how much does it cost

Safari tour to Kenya, Lake Nakuru National Park. Photo: Anna Filatovskaya

Finally, there is such a myth: “during a safari everyone lives in tents”.

The imagination of tourists immediately draws pictures from the “Soviet past” with tents, mosquitoes, cold earth instead of a field and other delights of wild forest tourism.

Let's debunk this myth too – the safari provides accommodation in comfortable hotels- lodges (usually these are stationary buildings, houses for one or more rooms) and camps.

At accommodation in campslet's stop in more detail. Yes, in translation, these are the very “tents” that many are afraid of. But in vain. Each room here is a tent, but… inside it has everything the same as in any decent hotel – shower, toilet, beds.

There are even < strong>5* deluxe camps that are in high demand. It is precisely because of the fact that they offer guests hotel comfort and unique opportunities to stay in nature.

The fact is that when living in camp tents, any sound is heard more clearly and it is this type of accommodation that allows travelers to join nature and enjoy the sounds of the African night.


Of course, safari tours are neither mass nor budgetary. But the prices for a package with a flight are hardly higher than 10 days in a villa in a deluxe hotel in Antalya or in Egypt. But the rest on a safari is much more interesting and exotic. And more unique in experience.

Here are the prices for popular safari programs from Russian Express (cost for arrivals in July, per 1 person with 2-bed accommodation, without air travel). Click on the hyperlinks to find out the exact prices for the desired dates and the number of people.

For a flight, you will need to lay down from 42,000 to 75,000 rubles more, the average ticket price is now 58,000 rubles.

Prices for safari programs in Kenya:

“Giraffe Trail” 6 nights – Nairobi – Samburu – Lake Naivasha – Masai Mara with a Russian-speaking guide – 134,550 rubles.

“Giraffe Trail” 6 nights + rest in Mombasa with Russian-speaking guide – 134 550 RUB

“Rhino trail” 6 nights – Nairobi – Amboseli – West Tsavo – Mombasa with Russian-speaking guide – 98 210 RUB

Prices for safari programs in Tanzania:

“Parks of Northern Tanzania” 7 nights – Arusha – Lake Manyara – Serengeti – Ngorongoro – Tarangire with a Russian-speaking guide – 195,220 rubles.

“Parks of Northern Tanzania” 7 nights + vacation in Zanzibar with a Russian-speaking guide – from 203,020 rubles

“Express Safari” 2 nights – Ngorongoro – Manyara Lake with an English-speaking guide – 78580

As a result, for a weekly safari package with a flight to Kenya, you will pay on average from 140,000 rubles, and to Tanzania – from 237,000 rubles per person. For two – 280-474 thousand rubles. for all.

Just for comparison – a week with a flight in a (not the most expensive) deluxe hotel in Antalya in mid-July costs from 450 thousand rubles. for two in the simplest room.

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