It's summer on the calendar, which means it's time to plan your next vacation destination and book trips to a beach resort. To make the choice of a resort simple and quick, we will tell you which corners of Georgia are most loved by tourists, where it is better for families with small children or young people to relax, where are pebble beaches, and where — sandy. And most importantly — we will tell you when is the best time to fly to Georgia by sea.

Looking for the perfect place for a vacation: when and where is it better to fly to the sea to Georgia

Georgian seashores: what directions to focus on

The Black Sea coast of Georgia stretches for more than 300 km. The beach season in the country starts in May and lasts until October. Average water temperature in summer — within +25… +30 °С. Sea holidays in Georgia will especially appeal to those who are not averse to combining spending time on the beach with walks around the city.

The largest and most popular resort in the country — Batumi. It will be comfortable to spend a vacation here for families with children, and cheerful friendly companies, and couples in love. Beach service is developed remarkably: there is a wide choice of hotels, and catering establishments, and options for how to spend time interestingly. Of the features of the city, it is worth noting that crystal clear water in the sea should be sought in the settlements adjacent to Batumi.

What month — ideal time for a vacation in Georgia?

The hottest time in every sense to relax in the beach resorts of Georgia — July and August. Despite the fact that the air temperature can hit its highs, reaching +35 … +40 °C, there is nowhere for an apple to fall on the beaches. Near the sea, the summer heat is more easily tolerated, thanks to the refreshing sea breeze. Resort life is in full swing. If you are wondering when is the best time to fly to Georgia by the sea with children or to get a bronze tan on the Black Sea coast — July will be an ideal period, as the water is already well warmed up and the sun is active. But you need to be prepared for the fact that the beaches will be crowded.

When is the best time to fly on vacation to Georgia for those who want to get the maximum portion of vitamin D? Of course, in August. This month is the hottest, but this does not affect the tourist flow in any way — it is as wide as in July. From early September to mid-October in the Georgian resorts — the Velvet season. At this time, it is good to look after last-minute tours, and also — not only while away your vacation days on the beach, but also go on excursions. If you are wondering when is the best time to fly to Georgia to relax, to see not only the sea, — September would be a great choice!

Looking for the perfect vacation spot: when and where is the best time to fly to Georgia by sea

Overview of sea resorts in Georgia


Let's take a closer look at Batumi. This city has its own airport, so the transfer will be quick and stress-free. The beaches within the city are wide, with large pebbles. To swim comfortably in the sea, it is advisable to use special shoes.

The main visiting cards of Batumi:

  • Batumi Boulevard, which stretches for several kilometers along the coastal strip.
  • Botanical Garden (by the way, the most comfortable beach of Batumi is located in its area, it is clean and relatively uncrowded). real pleasure. And without binding by months — it's always interesting here!

Locals prefer suburban beaches to city beaches. One of the most crowded places in the summer — Makhinjauri — beach in the northern suburbs of Batumi.


A small resort village is notable for being located almost at the border with Turkey. Batumi residents like to while away their holidays or weekends here. Especially young people who have chosen the local coastal cliffs — they are used as a springboard for jumping into the sea. The resort cannot offer an abundance of entertainment, but stunning views of the bay come off here. Of the minuses of the place, one can note only a busy highway passing by. And its main plus, despite the described circumstance, — this is the cleanest resort in Georgia. And the entrance to the water here is gentle, which is also very good.

Looking for the perfect vacation spot: when and where is it better to fly to the sea in Georgia

Gonio and Kvariati

Gonio and Kvariati — ideal for those who want to spend a few days in peace and solitude. It's easy to reset here! There is practically no entertainment infrastructure in the place, so you will have to go to neighboring Batumi for them.

The beaches in the villages are pebbly, and the entrance to the water — large pebble. The sea here is noticeably cleaner than in Batumi. In Gonio, the descent is quite steep, so it’s better to go to Kvariati with children, or at least choose a beach closer to this village (in the southern part of Gonio) for swimming.

The main highlight of Kvariati — It has its own diving center. This is the only location in Georgia where you can get acquainted with the underwater world of the Black Sea. Cycling enthusiasts will find their little paradise in Gonio — There is a vast area dedicated to skiing. You can also rent a catamaran or a motorcycle.


Kobuleti boasts a developed resort infrastructure, clean water, and comfortable entry into the sea. There is not much entertainment and places for excursions here, but a beach holiday will be glorious. The beach in the city is 10 km long, so there is enough space for everyone. Covering it — a mixture of medium-sized pebbles and magnetic sand. If you want to arrange a promenade — along  There is a walking area on the coastline, restaurants and cafes are nearby.

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