Montenegro for tourists — the country is universal, which is good to visit at any time of the year. In summer, beach lovers come here, in the off-season — fans of sightseeing tours, and in winter — wishing to spend active days in the mountains. Let's figure out for which month it is better to look for a ticket and when is it better to fly to Montenegro, if you decide to spend your upcoming vacation in the picturesque expanses of Montenegro.

Planning the perfect vacation: when is the best time fly to Montenegro

Climate features

In terms of weather conditions, Montenegro is a unique country, since it is scattered across several climatic zones: mountainous, continental and marine. Due to this feature, the climate on the coast and inland varies. In the continental part, for example, the climate is temperate, characterized by hot summers and relatively warm winters. But in the mountains, winters are snowy, to the delight of skiers and snowboarding fans. In general, as in most European resort countries with mountains and sea, there are two seasons in Montenegro: summer and winter.


When is the best time to fly to Montenegro on vacation to swim in the sea and sunbathe? Beach season time in Montenegro — from May to the equator of autumn, until October. The main magnets for tourists during this period — resorts on the Adriatic Sea and on the shores of the Bay of Kotor. The latter at the peak of the season warms up a couple of degrees more — up to +24 °C.

The air temperature in the central part of the country in summer is higher than — within +18… +29 °C, at this time in coastal areas it is sunny and +17… +25°C. The coolest thing in the mountains: +12… +20°C. If you do not tolerate the summer heat very well, then keep Budva and Herceg Novi as a guide for the trip. And if you want to get the maximum dose of sun — go to Ulcinj or Kotor, these are the hottest tourist locations.

When is the best time to fly to Montenegro with a child? The best time to relax at sea with kids — July, as the water in the sea is warm enough. In August, temperatures reach their peak: the most comfortable stay — in resorts in the northern part of Montenegro. 

If, in addition to the sea, you really want to get acquainted with the mountains, you can go on excursions in the Tara and Moraca canyons without reference to the season. On especially hot days, you can see +50 °C on the thermometer, but because of the proximity of the mountains, high temperatures are easier to bear.

Planning the perfect vacation: when is the best time to fly to Montenegro


Winter fairy tale time in Montenegro by months — from November to May. It is good to relax at local ski resorts because the climate here is mild. Plus, with an incredible atmosphere and beautiful landscapes, you will also be pleased with the safety of the mountains — there are almost no avalanches here.

You won't be bored in the company of mountains, skiing, sledding and snowboarding are at the service of tourists. The main magnets for lovers of downhill and snow — Zabljak and Kolasin. These resorts are relatively young, so everything here is new. The infrastructure is at the level, there are routes for different levels of training.

Planning the perfect vacation: when is the best fly to Montenegro

Autumn and spring (off-season)

With the advent of autumn, the swimming season in Montenegrin resorts crosses the finish line. It's time to go on excursions! And also — participate in various festivals and celebrations. All this is best done in September. That's when it's better to fly to Montenegro to relax!

In October, the mass excursion program is noticeably reduced. It is best to see the country on your own. For example, renting a car. In addition to the mountains, the period from October to March in Montenegro is considered a rainy season. They can be long, and the weather can be capricious at any time, you need to be prepared for this and always have something waterproof on hand.

Spring is the best time for sightseeing trips — from March to May, when the beach season has not yet started and there are not so many tourists in the country yet. And the weather is already whispering to walks in the cities and the sea. Fans of photo tours in spring Montenegro will be pleased with the lush color of wisteria — bright pictures for enthusiastic likes are guaranteed!

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