TOP 10 of the best glamping sites in Russia in 2022

In Russia, there are about three hundred summer glamping sites with different concepts, but they have one thing in common – the opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural landscape of the place where they are located . Experts from the manufacturer of geodome structures Fullerdome tell the readers of TURIZM.RU about the most interesting glamorous campsites. class=”aligncenter” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/top-10-luchshih-glempingov-rossii-v-2022-godu-3e082de.jpg” alt=”TOP 10 best glamping sites in Russia in 2022 year” />

Grilled grayling, fish soup, sliced ​​whitefish and lenok, herbal tea, wild garlic, caviar and many other dishes unfamiliar to most Russians are offered to try at the Zapovednye Places glamping in the Khabarovsk Territory.

But before move on to Far Eastern gastronomic delights, guests will be accommodated in 8 domed tents of various sizes with comfortable beds and furniture necessary for a comfortable stay. Dry closets are installed very close.

It offers a lounge area – a tent where the bar is located. Russian bath for those who love this Russian folk entertainment. In a specially designated place, you can light a fire and spend a romantic evening with family, friends or new acquaintances.

“Glamping in Petrov Bay »

TOP 10 best glamping sites in Russia in 2022

Only here you can enjoy the views of Petrov Bay directly from your home. Glamping is located in the Lazovsky Reserve, one of the most wonderful places in Primorye.

The domed tents are air-conditioned, some have their own shower and toilet. The furnishings are like in a good resort hotel. The seating area and the dining room are located in a large tent that can accommodate all vacationers. There is a separate tent where you can wash and take a hot shower if your tent does not have these facilities.

Guests are offered an extensive excursion program. Fortunately, there is something to see in Primorye.

“Cooler than dachas”

TOP 10 best glamping sites in Russia in 2022

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Cooler than dachas can only be glamping “Cooler than dachas” in the Tver region.

There are only 4 tents, but what! The specialists who built them provided a panoramic window through which you can watch the sunrise and sunset. The split system will warm you in winter and refresh you in summer. Beds with orthopedic mattresses. And such nice little things as floor lamps, rugs, ottomans, racks! These things complement the usual table, chairs and make each tent almost home.

The main tent, as it is called here, is a place where guests have breakfast in the morning, and in the evening they can just watch some movie. The owners had the foresight to install a projector here. There is a brazier in front of the main tent. According to the stories of the tourists themselves, it is this place that becomes the point of attraction for everyone who comes to the Kruche Dachi glamping.

Hygge camp

TOP-10 best glampings in Russia in 2022

This glamping on the shore of the Gulf of Finland is for those who prefer solitude in the silence of the forest.

< p>Guests are accommodated in well-equipped tents with wood-burning stoves, sockets, and lighting. Mattresses on the beds, by the way, are heated – not the south after all.

In the morning, songbirds wake up guests, and in the evening, tourists watch the starry sky right from the tent, fall asleep at night to the chirping of crickets. Such closeness to nature.

Glamping “Morning in the mountains”

TOP 10 best glamping sites in Russia in 2022

This glamorous campsite in Dagestan invites guests to spend time in domed houses that resemble space objects. If it were not for the location and design of the premises, one would think that this is a hotel. A bathroom and a shower cabin are at the guests' disposal. Hot and cold water is supplied without interruption. The rooms have tables with chairs, crockery and even a coffee machine. There is no need to talk about sleeping places – they are very comfortable.

As in a hotel, rooms are serviced here. Guests do not have to clean their “space stations”, change bed linen. The owners also took care of hygiene products: shampoos, shower gels, toothbrushes and pastes – everything is available.

You don't have to cook your own food, unless you want something with a smoky flavor. For this there is a special place and a grill. But it's easier to order food from a cafe. The food there is excellent, and there is a chance to try authentic dishes.

Sashkin Dom Glamping

TOP 10 best glamping sites in Russia in 2022

19 tents and 1 treehouse. Showers with hot water and toilets are shared. There is a summer kitchen, fire and barbecue areas.

This glamorous campsite is tented on the shores of Lake Volgo in the Tver Region. If there is water, then everything that it can give is available. Under the boring lapping of the waves, guests fish – and the catch here is rich all year round, ride boats, catamarans and electric boats, swim in crystal clear water.

While hiking and cycling, you can explore the surroundings. In general, unity with nature in the Sashkin Dom glamping is complete.


TOP 10 best glamping sites in Russia in 2022

Glamping KAMRELAX is an opportunity to spend unforgettable days 30 meters from the Pacific Ocean. If you don’t want to plunge headlong into the ocean, you can simply take a bath with the only cedar barrel in the world, according to the owners.

A Scandinavian house, double and four-seater tents are offered for living in KAMRELAX.

The cultural program of the complex is quite extensive: fishing tours, helicopter, horse and boat trips, romantic evenings, SUP-boarding, trips to volcanoes. More than six fishing trips alone are offered here. Kamchatka, in a word.

Glamping “Valley of Dreamers”

This is a lamp atmosphere with hotel service. Glamping is located in the Irkutsk region. Guests are accommodated in tents with custom-designed furniture. An exclusive tent is the best suited for weddings and any other public events. You can also take part in master classes here.

A river flows through the territory of the glamping. The tents are surrounded by pines and birches. But the most important thing is that Baikal is less than two kilometers from the territory of the complex. Excursions around the glamping area are organized for those who wish.

Glamping “Polyana

TOP 10 best glamping sites in Russia in 2022

25 luxury tents are located in the Curonian Spit National Park on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

The atmosphere of each tent is created by an individual design in the Scandinavian style . There are comfortable toilets and showers, they are located nearby. Guests can use Wi-Fi on the territory of the glamping.

“Polyana” is located very close to the resort village of Lesnoy, so there is no shortage of bars and restaurants.

Within walking distance are: Dancing Forest, Efa Height, Swan Lake, Korolevskiy Forest, Muller Height, bird ringing station « Fringilla”.

Halal Resor»

TOP 10 best glamping sites in Russia in 2022

In this glamping on the banks of the Kama River in Tatarstan, among the deciduous forest, there are 9 comfortable safari tents of different sizes and capacities with all the necessary amenities. Showers and toilets are on site. There is a grill and a fire zone.

Sports areas are organized for both adults and children. The difference between this glamping and many others is the presence of a prayer room.

Glamping has not yet entered our lives like other types of recreation. There are not as many offers as we would like – what is 200-300 complexes for a huge country. Realizing this, the Ministry of Economic Development, together with the Federal Tourism Agency, developed a subsidy plan that will help in the construction of glamping sites and modular hotels. There was confidence that the number of such complexes will grow. There are so many beautiful places in Russia where you can relax, but there is no corresponding infrastructure. Glamping can solve this problem at no great cost.

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