Top 5 must-see places for tourists in a city on the border that doesn't exist

Troitsk is an old merchant town with beautiful architecture, a kind of open-air museum sky. It is located in the Chelyabinsk region on the left bank of the Uy River, at the mouth of the Uvelka River. The border with Kazakhstan passes nearby. Troitsk is the sunniest city in the Urals and one of the sunniest in Russia.

At the moment, the city is participating in the All-Russian competition of the best projects of the tourist code of the city center from Rostourism within the framework of the National Project “Tourism and Hospitality Industry”. The Consortium of Travel Business School and the Center for Territorial and Spatial Development “YARUS” is working on the application of the tourist code of the city.

Top 5 must-see places for tourists in the city on the border, which does not exist

The residents of Troitsk see the tourist potential of their native land as one of the directions for the development of their city. So is it worth going to Troitsk now? Of course!

A city with a rich history keeps a lot of interesting things and is ready to generously share its wealth with tourists.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the checklist designed specifically for travelers to Troitsk:< /p>

The key feature of the city is the Southern border of Russia.

Top-5 must-see places for tourists in the city on the border that does not exist

beautiful building in the region. A majestic building for very wealthy merchants. Feel the era of the dawn of the border merchants in Russia. Try to unravel the mystery of Karl Marx depicted on the wall in one of the rooms, take incredible photos in this building, unique in terms of history and architecture, and also see the panorama of merchant Troitsk on the border from the observation deck.

Checklist for tourists “5 things to do in Troitsk”:

#1. Spend the night in one of the most interesting hotels in Russia – the Bashkirov Hotel, now the Central Hotel.

The Bashkirova Hotel (the modern official name is the Centralnaya Hotel) is one of the oldest and largest hotels in the Chelyabinsk region, an architectural monument.

It is worth paying special attention to the hotel building itself – as soon as you see this beautiful mansion, you want to stay for a couple of minutes and just admire the aesthetics of the “merchant” architecture, which is so well preserved to this day.

Top 5 must-see places for tourists in the city on the border that doesn't exist

The hotel was built in 1909. According to legend, the merchant of the 1st guild, Gavriil Alekseevich Bashkirov, in 1908, being quite drunk at the Nizhny Novgorod fair, made a bet with three local merchants that in the Southern Urals, in Troitsk, where large auctions were held, there was a magnificent exchange hotel with a first-class restaurant.

At that time in Troitsk there were only inns and third-rate furnished rooms, and merchants talked about this. Having sobered up and realized the scale of the possible consequences – honor is at stake! – Bashkirov decided to build a luxurious hotel himself. Money was not a problem for him: he bought a plot near the central square, ordered a project from the famous architect A. A. Fedorov. Only one thing bothered him: time, to be in time before the fair! Therefore, the work was carried out in three shifts. A year later, on the eve of the summer fair, a luxurious building in the Russian Art Nouveau style appeared before the eyes of astonished debaters.

#2. Walk through the evening Troitsk and unravel what the walls of merchants' mansions hide.

Illumination* will help you with this, which will slightly reveal what used to happen in this house. Thus, we will look not only through the walls, but also through the years. (*At the moment, the illumination project has not yet been implemented, but only announced in the development concept. But already now, experienced tour guides will be happy to tell you all the secrets of their native city).

Top 5 must-see places for tourists in a city on the border that doesn't exist

#3. Find yourself at the confluence of two rivers at U.

Uvelka river and Uy river. An amazing combination of two rivers for one letter, as well as a direct confluence that forms the letter “u”. Of course, in such a symbolic place, all your wishes often come true. You can admire the connection of two rivers today, and in the future a new embankment will be built here, which will definitely become a point of attraction in the city.

Top 5 must-see places for tourists in the city on the border that doesn't exist

#4. Admire the waves of feather grass and steppe grass and take photos that are unique in their beauty.

Don't miss the moment! Touch the steppe, hear it sing, feel its power and beauty.

Top 5 must-see places for tourists in the city on the border that doesn't exist

#5. Feel the fusion of cultures and religions.

The influence of Islam and Christianity intertwined in Troitsk. A monastery has been preserved here, which could not be closed even in Soviet times, as the townspeople simply hid it behind a typical Soviet building. Very close, in the neighborhood – mosques and an Islamic cemetery, where famous merchants are buried, who have done a lot for their native city.


And even though not all the declared points of attraction for tourists are still active, today Troitsk is a great option to spend a summer weekend and have a good rest.

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