Cappadocia: the whole truth about one of the most popular Insta-places in the world

At first it seems to you that you seem to have found yourself on another planet, and then – that this is the sky, these rocks, marvelous flowers and vineyards who I just photoshopped it, added sharpness and increased brightness. You look around and for the hundred and fifth time you think “well, how can it be so beautiful.” October 13, 2021 AUTHOR: Alisa Kalyuzhnaya 1 5 min

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Cappadocia: the whole truth about one of the most popular Insta-places in the world

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You need to fly to Cappadocia when you want to be short, not far and so that it takes your breath away. You can spend three days in this wonderful place, but there will be so many impressions that it will seem like a week has flown by.

Cappadocia: the whole truth about one of the most popular Insta places in the world

Cappadocia: how to get there?

It is important to remember that Cappadocia is a region consisting of small towns located close to each other. It is most convenient to fly from Kyiv to Ankara or Istanbul (but better, of course, to Istanbul), and from there by local airlines to the airport in Kayseri. The cost of tickets for a domestic flight by Pegasus low-cost airlines is from $60 in both directions. From Kayseri to Goreme, where the entire tourist life of Cappadocia is concentrated, you can get there by bus or pre-arrange a transfer at your hotel.

For some reason, we chose not the fastest option, but quite colorful. We traveled from Ankara to Goreme by bus. The journey takes about five hours, the cost is $ 12, and outside the window is very beautiful Turkey.

If you have the opportunity to choose which city to fly through, fly through Istanbul. It was my first time in Ankara and for me it has become the city in which I am unlikely to return one day without a good reason: gray and gloomy during the day, bright and well-lit at night, skyscrapers bordering on slums, people in gray clothes and inhospitable metro. They don't speak English here and you understand that this is only your problem.

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