City Amadeus: what to see in Salzburg in 3 days

Salzburg was founded by monks and built by angels – not seriously, but the locals say with aplomb. Even if not all the “fathers of the city” were monks, and even more so angels, but in fact they got something incomparable. We hung out in Salzburg for 3 days and did not regret a single minute. Here is a checklist of archival matters for which you need to go here. October 21, 2021 AUTHOR: Oleg Dorozhovets 1 9 min

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City of Amadeja: what see in Salzburg in 3 days

Oleg Dorozhovets Travel journalist

First, a little about how Salzburg works. It is hemmed in by mountains on three sides, and in some places it literally bites its teeth into the rocks with buildings and tunnels. The limited territory helped to keep the ancient appearance almost untouched. Despite wars, fires and avalanches. It deservedly can be put on a par with such picturesque anachronistic cities as Bruges, Venice, Toledo. If you place an engraving from four hundred years ago next to today's photo of Salzburg, finding 10 differences will not be easy.

City of Amadeus: what to see in Salzburg in 3 days

But it's easier than ever to climb any of the Salzburg peaks. A historic funicular takes you to the Festungsberg (Fortress), a modern elevator to the Menkhsberg (Monash), you will have to stomp on the Capuchin Mountain on foot, but along a very romantic path. Especially if you enter from the Steingasse. Every ascent is rewarded with magnificent panoramas. On any of the peaks, as from a theatrical balcony, you can observe the old buildings and city life. Just from different angles. And all this against the backdrop of sheer cliffs in the foreground and snow-covered alpine ridges in the background. The only thing missing is the aunts handing out binoculars.

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