Don't look down: the longest glass-bottom bridge in the world has opened for tourists

Vietnamese Bach Long footbridge, name which translates as “white dragon”, has a length of 632 m and rises 150 m above the impenetrable jungle.

The floor of the bridge is made of French-made tempered glass, which makes it strong enough to withstand up to 450 people at the same time.

The glass floor also gives tourists the opportunity to enjoy stunning views of the landscape. “Standing on the bridge, travelers can admire the beauty of nature,” says a representative of the bridge operator Hoang Mang Dui.

Do not look down: the world's longest glass bottom bridge in the world opened for tourists

Bach Long is the third glass bridge in Vietnam, and local authorities express the hope that the new attraction will encourage more tourists to come here.

Previously, the Portuguese suspension bridge was considered the longest suspension bridge in the world, 516 meters long.

< p>Don't look down: World's longest glass-bottom bridge opens to tourists

Officers expected from Book of Records Guinness will arrive in Vietnam next month.

There is another contender with a glass day – a 526-meter giant in Guangdong, China.

As for the title of “the most terrible”, it claims another Chinese object is a 100-meter “swinging” bridge opened last year. Many considered crossing it an occupation for lunatics.

And in 2018, China opened a $18.5 billion bridge spanning 55 km from Hong Kong to Macau, which is the longest sea crossing ever built by man.

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