Located on the corner of Souq Waqif, Shay AlShomous is owned and run by renowned Qatari native Shams Al Qassabi. All dishes on the menu cost no more than $7, so this place is a must-see for anyone who wants to try authentic Qatari cuisine. Tip: The restaurant is famous for its breakfasts.

  1. Chapati & Karak

Top 10 cafes in Qatar for a delicious lunch for $10

In Chapati & Karak tea time never ends. Located in the Katara Cultural Village, this establishment offers a rich selection of chapatis—traditional wheat flatbreads—in a variety of flavors that are great accompaniments to sweet and spicy dishes for less than $2. Tip: The perfect place for a quick lunch break.

  1. Karak Mqanes

Top 10 cafe in Qatar for a delicious lunch for $10

Karak Mqanes restaurants serve traditional Qatari cuisine with unique touches of local flavor. The network consists of more than 20 restaurants, where they cook based on recipes passed down from generation to generation. Karak Mqanes is famous for its breakfasts, desserts and traditional teas. Prices for most dishes on the menu do not exceed $5. Tip: don't forget to leave room for dessert.

  1. Turkey Central Restaurant

< p>Top 10 cafes in Qatar for a delicious $10 lunch

Located in the heart of the city, Turkey Central Restaurant is known to both locals and visitors for its rich menu, reasonable prices and fast service. Prices start at $1 and the portions are generous enough to be split between two. Particularly popular are the meze set ($8), grilled mix ($9), grilled chicken ($7), and the famous lamb chops for $10 a serving. Top tip: plan your visit as early as possible as service is first come first serve and there are always many visitors.

  1. Petra< /h3>

Top 10 cafes in Qatar for a delicious lunch for $10

At Petra, guests can always feel the real taste of the Middle East. With sandwiches that cost less than $2, these restaurants are a really cool place to grab a bite to eat on the cheap. Falafel and chicken sandwiches are in constant demand. Tip: take two servings at once, one is never enough.

  1. Marmara Istanbul Restaurant

Top 10 cafes in Qatar for a delicious lunch for $10

After visiting Marmara, guests can safely cross off the item “eat shawarma in Qatar” from their list of plans. Large and small shawarma here cost only $3.50 and $2 respectively, so there are a lot of people here at any time of the day or night. Tip: remember that the restaurant is open from 9:00 to 16:00.

  1. Sabah W Masa

Top 10 cafes in Qatar for a delicious $10 lunch

This Lebanese restaurant serves some of the best falafel in the city for just $5.20. The menu also has a large selection of fresh Lebanese dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, available to take away. Top Tip: One main course from the menu is guaranteed to be enough for two.

  1. Ali Al Naama Café

Top 10 cafes in Qatar for a delicious $10 lunch

This authentic establishment is a haven of tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of Souk Waqif. Traditionally furnished, Ali Al Naama Café has become trendy with fast service and an affordable menu with most items under $4. Tip: The perfect combination is paratha – Indian flatbread – with egg and cheese, as well as a cup of karak tea.

  1. Biryani Corner< /h3>

Top 10 cafes in Qatar for a delicious lunch for $10

South Asian connoisseurs can grab a hearty plate of biryani, a rice dish, at this establishment for less than $5. Choose from biryani with vegetables, egg, chicken or lamb. Perfect for a quick bite to eat on the go. We recommend ordering a side dish of papadum, pickled vegetables and yogurt to turn the meal into a holiday.

  1. TeaTime

Top 10 restaurants in Qatar for a delicious $10 lunch

Extensive menus and dishes under $4 make this 24/7 restaurant a dream come true night owls. Network establishments are scattered throughout the city. Here, visitors can order a hamburger, snacks and the famous karak tea. Top Tip: Most of the chain's establishments don't have eating areas, so it's best to order takeout.

Top 10 cafes in Qatar for a delicious lunch for $10

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