Seychelles — a desirable destination not only for newlyweds. Whoever one day sees photographs of paradise islands will certainly burn with a desire to visit this Eden in the middle of the Indian Ocean at least once. Representatives of the travel agency “Let's go with us” tell about when it is better to fly to the Seychelles and for what purpose.

Climatic features of the Seychelles archipelago

Before asking a travel agency manager the question “When is it good fly to the Seychelles”, it should be understood that the mild tropical climate allows tourists to relax here all year round, without feeling a significant transition between dry and “wet” periods. 

Conditional dry and rainy seasons are distinguished in the country, however, the annual temperature in the Seychelles fluctuates in the range of 26 — 30 degrees. The water temperature in the sea is stable at around “28”. Humidity is kept at 80%, and all these indicators do not change throughout the year. 

The wet period falls on December-May. Temperature indicators are kept in the range of 32-36 degrees. At this time, from December to April, most of the annual precipitation falls, in particular in the highlands of Mahe and Silhouette. The rainiest month of the year — January. The rains are heavy, but short-term and qualitatively will not affect the rest of travelers.

The cool season lasts from June to November. This is the time of monsoon winds, when the restless sea is estimated at 6 points. The thermometer shows +25. July and August are recognized as the driest months of the year. 

The best time to fly to the Seychelles is between the dry and rainy seasons — is October and May. The most suitable month for families with children — June. Calm ocean, pleasant breeze, short rains. All these factors combined will allow both adults and children to relax on the islands, and organize a rich vacation program.

When is the best time to fly to the Seychelles

"Crib" for tourists

On the islands, adherents of different types of leisure feel equally well. In addition to traditional marriages and spending time on snow-white beaches, people come here to practice yachting, diving, surfing, and fishing. 

You can come all year round, but it’s still worth keeping a note of the portal’s monthly memo.

  • Birdwatching — April-October. Due to the isolation of the islands, rare endemic species of birds, animals and plants live in these parts. It is worth taking the opportunity to see them with your own eyes and predict their arrival at the time of their activity. For example, in May, millions of birds gather on Cousin and Bird Islands. Then the birds begin their seasonal migration.
  • Fishingthe open sea is best from October to April. you should come to hunt blue marlin from October to March, for barracuda and tuna — from June to September. In principle, you can fish all year round, you will definitely not be left without prey.
  • Turtle Watchingit is good to plan for the months from December to April. You need to go to the island of Curiosity (next to Praslin Island). There you can see turtles in their natural habitat. It is also worth paying attention to the Aldabra Atoll — the world's largest population of giant sea turtles lives here. True, the island is allowed strictly with passes, you must sign up for an excursion. na-sejshely-aa52949.jpg” alt=”When is the best time to fly to the Seychelles” />

  • Diving. Scuba diving is possible at least all year round, but it is better to avoid the winter months. This is the period of monsoons, when the transparency of sea water decreases and visibility deteriorates. Therefore, choose any month from March to May or come in the fall — You definitely can't go wrong.
  • Surfing. The time when it is better to fly to the Seychelles to surf depends on the coast. If you choose the east side, then you need to plan your vacation from May to September. Surfing on the west coast is possible from November to April. Praslin and Mahe are considered the best islands for surfers.

In a word, it's time to fly to the Seychelles to relax — each traveler has his own, and at the same time, you can safely book hot tours and pack your bags for vacation, regardless of the time of year. The Seychelles shores will enchant you with their white sand beaches, turquoise transparent waves, tropical groves, coral depths and unchanging peace.

When is the best time to fly to the Seychelles

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