It is unnecessary to talk about what good resorts are in Greece. It is enough to know that Hellas receives about 4 dozen million tourists every year. A country with a majestic centuries-old history and rich cultural heritage, original cuisine is one of the ten most popular tourist destinations in the world. And the amazingly diverse nature, in which there was a place for 4 seas, and mountains, and colorful islands — already an attraction in itself.

The question "which resort is better in Greece" can confuse even an experienced traveler. The mainland and 1400 islands, even if only 224 of them are inhabited, form such a diverse image of Greece that you can come here again and again. And each time to discover unexplored colorful cities. 

The best time for a Greek vacation

Looking at the map, it is quite difficult to immediately decide which seaside resort in Greece to choose. The season here begins in May, the temperature and tourist peak falls on July and August. The best time to visit is May — June and September — October. So, June is equally well suited for sightseeing trips to Greece, and for relaxing on the coast. The air temperature is at around +30 °C, the sea warms up to +23 °C.

The warmest sea — on the islands of Crete and Rhodes, for family holidays — it's the best.

July and August — hottest days of the year. The thermometer shows +40 °C, the water in the sea — at +26 °C. However, the evenings are cool, around 20 °C, so keep long sleeves in your suitcase even in summer.

Which resort to choose for a vacation in Greece?

Islands and resorts of Greece

If you're wondering which resort to choose in Greece, check out the top from Let's Go With Us.

  • Thessaloniki. Mandatory to visit, the second city after Athens and the cultural capital of Greece. They usually don’t go here for a beach holiday, however, the excursion is rich here, to broaden the horizons of adults and children, it is better not to find a resort. Thessaloniki also offers excellent shopping opportunities. Visit the old and new city centers, climb the White Tower, visit the local Archaeological Museum.

    Which resort to choose for a vacation in Greece?

  • Rhodes. The largest Greek island, the mecca of “beachers” all ages. And all because, thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate in Rhodes, the longest swimming season lasts from April to October. In addition to marine entertainment, the island offers its guests a good excursion program: the Rhodes fortress, the acropolis of Lindos, Cape Prasonisi, the Butterfly Valley.
  • Crete. The first largest island in Greece. Here, as in Rhodes, the bathing season lasts a long time. Business card of the island — Balos Bay, where three seas meet — Ionian, Libyan, Aegean.

    Which resort to choose for a vacation in Greece?

  • Corfu. It's hard to find a better island for a holiday with small children. Dense green mountain slopes, shady olive groves, gentle waters of the Ionian Sea, golden coastline with comfortable beaches… In a word — paradise. The sea sinks into the depths slowly, giving children the opportunity to frolic in coastal waves, and soft golden sand beckons to build fortresses and castles. Take a tour to the Canal of Love, see the Throne of the Kaiser and Mount Pantokrator.
  • Chalkidiki. The triad of peninsulas is considered one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece. True, the majestic Athos accepts only men on its shore, and then only with special permission. Uncrowded Sithonia will appeal to families with children, and Kassandra will be appreciated by lovers of a noisy party holiday. However, both resorts have comfortable beaches, a variety of water activities, and a rich nightlife.

Which resort to choose for a vacation in Greece?

An experienced tourism manager to the question “What resorts are there in Greece?” will name you a couple of dozen more places worthy of attention. Among them are Santorini, Zakynthos, Kos, Lefkada and many others. Don't be afraid to get confused by this variety. Wherever you go for the first acquaintance with this wonderful country — Greece will conquer you seriously and for a long time.

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