7 things you need to do in Vienna

Tanya has been living in the capital of Austria for several years and is still impressed by this magical city. Having managed to study it inside and out, she made a list of what really needs to be done in Vienna. September 27, 2021 AUTHOR: Tatyana Rassovskaya 0 3 min

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7 things to do in Vienna

Tatyana Rassovskaya fb 2 years in Vienna

First time in Vienna 5 years ago, I realized that this is my city. And now, by the will of fate, I have been living in the capital of Austria for a year now and I can confidently advise others: a tour of Vienna is, of course, good, but if you want to feel this city for real, do the following yourself:

1. Walk around the center

But don't spend more than two days on it – if you have time, it's better to spend it getting to know the city from the other, non-tourist side. Fortunately, the Inner City (Innere Stadt) is quite compact. All sights in Vienna can be seen on foot: the Opera House, the Parliament, the Rathaus, the Natural History Museum and so on. All this information is in any guidebook. But few people know about other highlights of the city.

7 things to do in Vienna

Photo by Iker

2. Try the local coffee

It seems to me that the Austrian capital stands on three pillars: cigarettes, eternal complaints (more on that later) and coffee. But if your inner hipster voice asks you to drop by Starbucks, shove it away. It's like being in Willy Wonka's magic factory and buying Alenka chocolate. Be sure to look for small coffee shops in Vienna where there are no crowds of tourists.

7 things to do in Vienna

Photo by Matilda Diamant

You won't find classic names for coffee drinks here. But there is something like Kaffee verkehrt (latte), Kleiner Brauner (espresso with a little cream) and Melange (espresso with frothed milk, decorated with milk foam).

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