Eventful St. Petersburg: the brightest festivals, concerts and exhibitions in June and July


On Ostrovsky Square in St. Petersburg on June 9, Festival of Flowers starts , dedicated to the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter I. The program is very rich: floristic shows, master classes and the Ball of Flowers. Soloists of Russian opera theaters accompanied by the Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra will take part in the musical program.

On Ostrovsky Square in St. Petersburg, on June 9, the Flower Festival starts. scene: it will be stylized as the deck of the Poltava sailing ship. Everyone will be able to see in detail the floral objects that will be open to access. Why not take bright and colorful photos in the very center of St. Petersburg?

Theatrical open-air exposition “Window to Europe”

The Window to Europe festival will recreate the main milestones of Petrovsky's rule, primarily the construction of the Baltic Fleet in Russia. Visitors to the site will be able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the beginning of the 18th century and see the period of the birth of St. Petersburg, see how the shipyard works, attend the launching of the ship, the assembly, military exercises, and even try yourself as a gunner.

The main days of the festival “Window to Europe” – from June 9 to 12, when large-scale reconstructions, theatrical performances, a boarding battle and a pyrotechnic show will take place.

 Eventful St. Petersburg: the brightest festivals, concerts and exhibitions in June and July

From June 9 to 12, reconstructions, theatrical performances, a boarding battle and a pyrotechnic show will take place

In honor of the anniversary of Peter the Great, a project will open on the Field of Mars 30 paintings from the life of Peter the Great”. This is a historical reconstruction of the city holiday, which took place in St. Petersburg 150 years ago. On thirty huge canvases, the main deeds of the Tsar-Transformer were depicted in chronological order and installed in open-air pavilions on the Field of Mars (Tsaritsyn Meadow).

On June 12, the Peter and Paul Fortress will be the venue for the International Festival of Brass Bands< /strong>. The program announced the participation of Russian military bands, pop stars, summary numbers with all participants in the concert program.

Stereoleto festival annually gathers thousands of music lovers from all over Russia

Heavy music connoisseurs are invited to “Polygon Fest”. Guests are waiting for two days of powerful punk, rock and metal in the open air with an incredible view of the Gulf of Finland on Vasilyevsky Island from the best domestic representatives of the genres. Admission is free.

VK Fest, the festival in honor of the 16th anniversary of the most popular social network VKontakte survived the pandemic and returns with a rich program on July 13 and 14. A total of 90 performers will perform on the VK Fest stage in the park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg near the Gulf of Finland.


Group KinoOn June 21, a big concert will be played at the Ice Palace in honor of Viktor Tsoi's 60th birthday. The show of the revived Kino is very spectacular and large-scale. The concept of the concert remains the same – the original vocals of Viktor Tsoi, the legendary members of Kino: Alexander Titov, Igor Tikhomirov and Yuri Kasparyan, a unique video sequence, powerful lighting and bright special effects that everyone who has already been to Kino concerts in 2021 liked so much . The organizers promise that the new program will be even more modern, bright and cool.

You can listen to the classics of Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Brahms and other great composers performed by the Olympic Orchestra in the darkness of the mysterious and ancient Annenkirche . Here, lively and colorful pictures on the water will be projected above the stage against a huge background of burnt walls.

Mariinsky Theatreprepares a whole festival of performances from its repertoire dedicated to Peter the Great and the events of his era. The theater plans to resume the ballet “I Love You, Peter's Creation” (“The Bronze Idol”) choreographed by L. Lyubovich. The St. Petersburg Opera Chamber Musical Theater will present Yuri Alexandrov's play Peter the Great, or the Incredible Adventures of the Russian Tsar on the stage of the Hermitage Theatre. The Tovstonogov Bolshoi Theater is preparing a performance based on the folklore of the Petrine era, and the Musical Comedy Theater will present the world premiere of the musical Peter I by F. Wildhorn.


< strong>Russian Museumopened an exhibition of the most famous paintings by Vrubel. The exposition brought together more than 220 works from the collections of the Russian Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery, as well as from private collections in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The exhibition presents all areas of fine arts in which the genius artist realized his talent (painting, graphics, arts and crafts), where, next to recognized masterpieces, works are exhibited that are still little known to the general public.

 Eventful St. Petersburg: the brightest festivals, concerts and exhibitions in June and July

The Russian Museum opened an exhibition of Vrubel's most famous paintings

The exhibition includes the paintings “Flying Demon”, “Bogatyr”, “Morning”, Seraphim”, which are kept in the Russian Museum, as well as “The Swan Princess”, “Demon (sitting)”, “Pan” from the Tretyakov Gallery and many other works.

In the State HermitageUntil June 26, the exhibition “The Mummy Changes the Name” is running, which tells about the results of a computed tomography study of one of the ancient Egyptian mummies from the museum collection. Not without intrigue. According to museum documentation, the exhibit was listed as the mummy of a woman named Babat. However, in the end it turned out that the mummy was male. The research progress of the mummy in the exhibition is illustrated by numerous photographs taken from the mummy's computed tomography and CT-based 3D reconstructions.


There is one more reason to visit the Summer Garden, where the new season of military bands concerts has started. In total, nine concerts are planned to be held this summer as part of the Music of the Summer Garden project: military musicians will perform every Sunday. Each performance consists of two sections lasting 45 minutes.

In July, the XI International St. Petersburg Festival “Opera to everyone” starts, which traditionally presents to the public masterpieces of classical opera in the open air in the natural scenery of urban architecture.

Event-driven St. Petersburg: the brightest festivals, concerts and exhibitions in June and July

XI International starts in July St. Petersburg festival “Opera for everyone”


Every year, St. Petersburg opens up many opportunities for tourists for the most diverse recreation: guests of the Northern capital are expected not only by the views of classical architecture and a rich cultural program, but also by various world-class events that have already become the hallmark of the city.

According to Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg Sergey Korneev, event tourism is one of the main incentives for visiting the city.

“Bright and unique events are attractive and interesting in themselves. And also with their help, we strive to turn any season into a “high season”, promote new tourist products and routes, and help increase the tourist attractiveness of the city,” emphasizes Sergey Korneev.

The full calendar of events and activities in St. Petersburg can always be found on the official city tourist portal Visit-Petersburg.ru, as well as on social networks: https://vk.com/visitpetersburg and https://t .me/visit_petersburg.

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