Seychelles — is an island nation in the western Indian Ocean. Geographically located in the southern hemisphere and belongs to the African continent. The republic has 115 islands, but only 30 of them are inhabited. An amazing corner of the globe, whose piercing blue waters of the Indian Ocean with a rich underwater world, outlandish tropical forests and snow-white sands of the coast attract travelers from all over the world. Island archipelago — a coveted point on the map not only for adherents of a beach holiday, but also for adherents of active tourism, in particular divers, surfers, fishermen and yachtsmen. A separate category of guests of the Seychelles is represented by young people who have just joined the knot. Robinson's seclusion of the islands and postcard landscapes have made the country almost the leading tourist destination in the Wedding destination class. It doesn’t matter how many hours to fly to the Seychelles, and how much a vacation on exotic shores will cost — if there is a heaven on Earth, then it is located here, and it is a sin to deny yourself the pleasure of living a few bright weeks of life.

How long does it take to fly to the Seychelles from Kazakhstan?

How to get there and how much

It is natural that this archipelago is reached only by air. How long is the flight to the Seychelles? Guests are received by the Pointe Larue International Airport, which is located 9 km from Victoria, the capital of the main island of the country — Mahe. The airport contains two terminals. In the first planes land from the continents — Europe, Africa and Asia. The second passenger terminal is designed for internal use, for flights between the islands of the archipelago.

The vast majority of tourists choose to get to the Seychelles by direct flight. It is understandable, because it will take at least 9 hours to fly here. And connecting flights with connections in Dubai and Istanbul can even stretch for 13 hours. Some travelers, in an effort to save some money, choose options with long layovers in European cities. However, in this case, the road to the Seychelles will take 17-18 hours, or even all 25. Not everyone can do such a trip. 

How long does it take to fly to the Seychelles from Kazakhstan?

And what about the Kazakhs?

To the question “how much to fly to the Seychelles from Kazakhstan?” there is no other answer either. Same 9 o'clock. However, there is still good news for Kazakhstanis: last summer, charter flights of Air Seychelles were launched. So the question “how much to fly to the Seychelles from Almaty” may be considered closed. Now a direct connection has been established between Almaty and the island of Mahe, and this cannot but rejoice. 

More details about how much vouchers to modern Eden cost, when it is better to relax on the islands and how long it takes to fly to the Seychelles, a representative of a travel agency will tell “Come with us.” Choose on the map the nearest office to you and come for a consultation. Managers will answer all questions and help you purchase a ticket at the best price. kazahstana-e17cae1.jpg” alt=”How long does it take to fly to the Seychelles from Kazakhstan?” />

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