Rostourism presented national tourist routes

Rostourism presented five national tourist routes at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. This is only a small part of the routes, the number of which is already approaching thirty.


A presentation of national tourist routes took place at the SPIEF site. The forum participants were told about how such routes are formed, implemented and developed with the participation of the Federal Tourism Agency, regional authorities and the tourist industry.

National tourist routes are subject to a set of criteria and standards regarding the quality of service, logistics, accommodation, excursion program and affordable price. Choosing a trip for each route, the tourist will be able to either use the services of a tour operator, or go on their own.

As emphasized in the Federal Tourism Agency, after the launch of national tourist routes, work on it does not stop: their arrangement and development continues.

This year, 1.2 billion rubles have been allocated for all routes under development, in the next within the framework of the Rostourism grant program. – already 3.1 billion rubles. The department added that a network of national tourist routes will appear in all federal districts by 2024.

The list of approved national tourist routes can be found on the ATOR website in the “National Routes” section.


During the presentation, the head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova noted that national tourist routes pass through the most beautiful places in our country, which combine cultural, historical, natural, ethnographic, gastronomic and other impressions.

The head of Rostourism presented five national tourist routes at SPIEF.

The first of them is Gosudarev's Road, designed for 7 days.

He passes through the territory of Moscow, Tver, Novgorod and Leningrad regions and tells about noble estates, imperial palaces on the way, ancient cities (Tver, Veliky Novgorod, Torzhok and Vyshny Volochek) and the natural beauties of these regions, through which the path from one Russian capital to another ran .

National Tourist Route Zhiguli Weekend invites you to the Samara Region.

This is a great option for an exciting trip for a long weekend. The idea of ​​a four-day route is built around the famous Zhiguli brand, which combines the automotive industry, the oldest brewery, and the Zhiguli Mountains. Therefore, the Zhiguli Weekend program includes a museum of retro cars, beer tastings, excursions around Samara and river walks along the Volga.

Route “Kuzbass – fire in the heart”breaks stereotypes about the industrial regions of our country. So, in the Kemerovo region, you can not only visit a real coal mine, try ice cream with the addition of coal, but also get acquainted with the nature and culture of Gornaya Shoria, with shamans and Siberian cuisine.

Learn everything about history, nature, gastronomy and the mix of cultures of Sakhalin will help the national tourist route “Here begins the day”. This trip is for those who are ready to walk a lot and appreciate the beauty of wild nature.

Finally, the head of the Federal Tourism Agency announced, tourists will be able to drive around the places where Vladimir Putin likes to relax.. p>

The new route “Siberian Holidays”, designed for 8 days and 1200 km, runs through the territories of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Khakassia and Tyva. Krasnoyarsk taiga, Tuvan steppe, peaks and lakes, taiga rivers and rafting, shepherd camps, throat singing and Buddhist artifacts await tourists.

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