Best destinations around the world for budget travelers

Most international travelers are increasingly turning to Airbnb to travel to new cities. with cities. And although the service suspended operations in Russia in March 2022, overseas accommodation options on Airbnb are available, easy to search for and book.

So, what are the best destinations for those who are looking for budget travel?

A new study by British insurer CIA Landlords analyzed the average cost of staying at Airbnb hotels around the world and identified the top five cities where travelers can stay cheap and explore the city on a budget.

The best destinations in the world for travelers on a budget

So, City Cusco in the Peruvian Andes, the capital of the ancient Inca Empire, included in the list of cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO, has become the most accessible tourist destination in the world. The average cost of living here is only 32 euros per night.

Top destinations in the world for budget travelers

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya– the largest city in East Africa with a population of 4 million inhabitants was ranked second among the budget destinations for tourists. The cost of one night on Airbnb is 38 euros, which is almost 30 times cheaper than in the most expensive city in the ranking of Dubai – 1,100 euros.

Top destinations in the world for budget travelers

In third place is the largest city in the Middle East and the third largest in Africa after Lagos and Kinshasa – the Egyptian capital Cairo– with an indicator of 60 euros per day.

The world's best destinations for budget travelers

Next is the Brazilian Foz de Iguacu city on the border of the Iguazu Falls . Interestingly, it originally appeared in Paraguay, but then the territory was ceded to Brazil. To spend the night here costs an average of 78 euros.

The best destinations in the world for travelers on a budget

Finally, the American Niagara Falls closes the top five most budget-friendly accommodation(Niagara Falls). It is noteworthy that there are two cities with this name. They are separated by the state border and the great Niagara River. The Canadian half is in Ontario, the American half is in New York State. Canadians consider their Niagara Falls to be their local Las Vegas. So, one night will cost 135 euros here.

From other conclusions of the researchers, we note that the United States is recognized as the most desirable country in the world for travelers striving for the ideal in every detail.

< strong>Dubai and New York are the most expensive Airbnb destinations in the world, with high average rates of €1,100 and €910 per night, respectively.

Top destinations in for budget travelers

Central Park on Manhattan Island in New York is the most popular attraction on social media worldwide: over 7.9 million photos posted with the hashtag of this attraction.

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