Where are you going to fly to this May holidays?

Inexpensive and at the same time convenient option for those who have long wanted to get acquainted with the sights of the CIS countries. And there are really a lot of interesting places in Belarus. Moreover, you can go on a trip on your own – by car and pre-book a few excursions you like at a travel agency.

Where will you fly to for these May holidays?

Grodno, Nesvizh, Khatyn, Didutki… And this is not a complete list of historically significant, beautiful or simply interesting places that you can see with your own eyes.


May is ahead, which means the high season: the gentle southern sun, the warm sea, delicious various dishes … It's time to pack your bags!


Where will you fly to for these May holidays?

May is ideal for visiting Armenia. It is during this period that you can find a huge number of tours lasting 3, 5, 7 days. May wine festival, numerous city tours, temples and picturesque villages, mountains, open-air attractions. The choice depends only on your personal preferences.

Where will you fly to for these May holidays?

There are many options for open tourist destinations, for every taste and budget. But what to do if there is enough money for one thing, but you want something completely different, new, unusual. I want to go where it is long and expensive to fly. Especially at today's rate. How to make a dream come true? How quickly and, most importantly, absolutely legally and without risk to receive the missing amount on acceptable terms, as well as a convenient way of payment?

Where will you fly to for these May holidays?

Experts advise in any case to contact the bank. Today, for example, you can open a short-term overnight deposit, designed for a short period of time, and get additional financial opportunities before traveling.

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