Mauritius — top 5 ways to have fun at sea

Mauritius is just an island paradise for those who dream of fully enjoying the beauty of the Indian Ocean, feeling like a brave explorer of the underwater world, catching exotic fish or driving a jet ski through the waves — and below.
Here are 5 of the best ways to have fun at sea — and what exactly to choose is up to you!
1. Visit an underwater waterfall.

Mauritius — 5 best ways to have fun in sea

On the peninsula of Le Morne, there is a real miracle of nature – Le Morne-Brabant, an underwater waterfall. From a height, it seems that the ocean is rushing down, through the water column, into the abyss. In fact, this is an optical illusion created by nature itself. The streams of sand and silt are affected by a powerful undercurrent, giving rise to an incredible view that plays with all shades of turquoise at dusk and ultramarine in the sun. The underwater waterfall is under the protection of UNESCO. You can visit Le Morne Brabant during a helicopter tour.
2. Go on an underwater safari.

Mauritius — 5 best ways to have fun at sea

Schools of exotic fish, thickets of corals of every conceivable color and shade, even a sunken ship – the incredible richness of the underwater world of Mauritius can be discovered by traveling on an underwater submarine. It allows you to be in complete comfort at a depth of more than 30 meters, which was previously available only to well-trained divers.
3. Dine underwater.

Mauritius — 5 best ways to have fun at sea

Underwater dinner will be a great adventure. This is a truly unforgettable way to celebrate any significant event in life, whether it's an anniversary, wedding anniversary, birthday or any important date. Panoramic windows of the submarine allow you to enjoy magnificent views at a depth of 35 meters, and the choice of dishes will please any gourmet.
4. Ride an underwater scooter.

Mauritius — Top 5 Ways to Have Fun in sea

If looking out the window seems boring and there is a desire to decide where to swim, you can ride an underwater scooter. The low speed of the device allows you to take a leisurely walk under the water, observing the life of the marine fauna around you.
5. Go fishing.

Mauritius — 5 best ways to have fun at sea

Catch blue marlin or swordfish, tuna or dorado? Anglers will delight in Mauritius' selection of game fish. Where else can you get prey weighing from 17 to 160 kilograms? On the excursion, guests are accompanied by an experienced angler who will introduce guests to all the intricacies of fishing in the waters of the Indian Ocean.

Fishing or dinner, helicopter or submarine — Holidays in Mauritius will be full of vivid impressions!

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