The north of Kazakhstan is generously endowed with natural beauties, and Zerenda — one of the most picturesque corners of the Kokshetau National Park. At the same time, there is enough entertainment in the area, so both a secluded and family vacation in Zerenda will succeed.

Eden for ecotourism lovers

Although Shchukinsk and Borovoye are better known among travelers, it is in Zerenda that you feel the real energy and power of nature. The deep freshwater lake is surrounded by clean sandy beaches interspersed with small pebbles. Virgin forests are not spoiled by the intervention of civilization, rich in animal and plant life. The air around is saturated with freshness, healing esters of pine needles. And holiday homes in Zerende provide guests with comfortable conditions for a carefree pastime.

Review of holidays in Zerenda

What to do in the resort in summer

“Summer” The season in the reserve starts in May. Warm, sunny weather favors hiking, cycling, horseback riding and car trips along the hiking trails. The routes are laid through pine forests, steppe areas and coniferous-deciduous forests. Along the way, you can pick mushrooms and berries, meet traces of deer, ground squirrels, ferrets, roe deer, foxes, wild boars. Lynxes and ermines hide in the deep more often. A lucky photographer will surely be lucky to take a photo with one of the furry inhabitants of the region. Wonderful "Instagram" pictures are taken against the backdrop of hills, tall trees and, of course, the pearl of Zerenda – a large lake located in the heart of the protected area.

In the warm season, the water in the reservoir warms up to +24 ºC, delighting beach lovers. After swimming, it is nice to stretch out on the sand for sunbathing. For those who prefer an active pastime, almost every recreation center in Zerenda offers catamarans and boats for rent. Extreme sports and diving are also available.

Zerendin fishing deserves special attention. The lake is large, calm, rich in fish and crayfish. Inveterate fishermen spend days on the shore or in a boat, hunting with a fishing rod for perch, roach, crucian carp and pike. In the evening, the catch can be turned into a delicious dinner and enjoyed sitting on the terrace of the guest house.

Civilization has also contributed to the development of the tourist attraction of Zerenda. Local recreation centers and sanatoriums offer guests to diversify their leisure time by playing billiards, playing sports, going to the sauna and bathing in vats of hot water. For children there are playgrounds with swings. In health resorts, you can relax under the hands of a skilled massage therapist and improve your health with the help of medical procedures. However, here nature itself heals, giving peace to the soul and rest to the nervous system.

Review of holidays in Zerende

Zerende winter activities

On a winter holiday in Zerenda, it is worth coming for the sake of tobogganing through snow-covered forests. Snow-white landscapes will touch the nerve not only romantics, but also those who are skeptical about the beauty of nature. It is also pleasant to contemplate the surrounding landscape while skiing. The choice of activities is not limited to this, in the resort area you can slide on ice on skates, take a steam bath … Judging by the reviews on, there are daredevils who are not averse to swimming in an ice hole, and then warm up in a warm vat or heated pool .

Prepare in Zerenda and to meet the New Year. Elegant Christmas trees and decorated halls await guests, and on the night of January 1, you can count on a midnight gala dinner. They say the year goes by as well as you welcome it. So why not charge it with the energy of a clean, beautiful place, full of peace and tranquility.

Cost of rest

Zerenda, as a resort, is still developing, and did not reach the peak of its popularity. Therefore, the prices for holidays in Zerenda are affordable and will satisfy the needs of both budget and demanding tourists. On the shore of the lake and in the depths of the pine forest, sanatoriums, recreation centers, guest houses of various price levels were built. The cost of living varies from 3-5000 to 10-15 000 KZT per day. Local residents are also not averse to renting out a country house. We do not recommend living as a savage in the resort: it is forbidden to light a fire outside private areas in the protected area. -zerende-26437c1.jpg” alt=”Overview of holidays in Zerende” />

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