What tourists do in a hotel but never do at home

Our home is our fortress! Reliable, comfortable, but with a dozen taboos and rules. You can’t walk in shoes, you have to make a bed, you have to take a hot shower for an hour – hahahahaha. Relax to the maximum and even indulge a little, many allow themselves at the hotel. September 22, 2021 1 2 min

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We are very curious and asked our followers on Instagram and Facebook about what they do in hotels that they never repeat at home. We thank everyone for their sincerity and are happy to share the answers.

Jumping and eating in bed.

Jumping onto the bed with a running start.

Pfft, of course, eating in bed .

I take the liberty of not making my bed.

What tourists do in a hotel but never do at home

I use a lot of hot water.

I shower for 40 minutes.

I take a bath at the hotel, the children and the boiler are at home.

I don’t spare towels.

I dry myself with a replaceable fresh towel every day.

Now I can throw the towel on the floor without remorse. And at first I suffered a lot.

I turn the bathroom into a sauna.

I turn on the hot water in the shower and in the sink. I leave it for 20 minutes, wait, and then I go inside and tuck a towel under the door so that the steam doesn’t escape.

I don’t deny myself anything.


I scream loudly during sex. At home, the walls are thin, it’s embarrassing to meet with neighbors in the stairwell later.

I fall asleep with the TV on.

I eat salo at night.

I sing at the top of my voice in my soul. Michael Jackson, Imagine Dragons, Pavel Zibrov. I have a wide repertoire.

What tourists do in a hotel but never do at home

Messing up without remorse.

Don't stack things along places.

I wear shoes.

I make a mess.

Be careful.

Checking the room for hidden cameras. I look into the fire alarm, the peephole, the lamp, and so on.

I never touch the bedspread. It is washed only when the stains are already very striking.

I don’t leave without souvenirs.

I always take mini shampoos and gels for soul. At home, to be honest, I don’t use them, but I can’t help but grab another tiny jar.

Once I took a bathrobe from a hotel room. But not just a robe, but as if the Lord himself created a robe especially for me, so soft that you can sleep on it instead of a bed. I'm ashamed of the act, of course, but not when I'm wearing this perfect robe.

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