Tanzania — a relatively new country for Kazakhstani tourists. Travelers took notice of this destination during the infamous corona epidemic, when the African state was one of the few that continued to host guests. You can relax in this region at any time of the year, but it’s still better to make sure that the weather conditions suit you before buying a tourist package. To do this, study the weather of Tanzania by months on the site poehalisnami.kz, and, if necessary, consult with a knowledgeable person, for example, the manager of the agency «Come with us».

An overview of the climate of Tanzania< /h2>

Tanzania is worth your attention, if only because here you can combine swimming in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and participate in the most real African safari. Do you know that if you have the desire, physical fitness and about $ 2,000 in your pocket, you will have the opportunity to participate in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro? It remains to figure out when it is better to fly to Tanzania to rest for all these purposes.

Tanzania has a subequatorial climate. Translated into ordinary language, this means that the temperature here is the same all year round. Closer to the ocean, the thermometer readings do not fall below 25 ° C, on average the temperature fluctuates in the range of 20 & ndash; 35 ° C. On the coast, the atmosphere is humid and hot, on the mainland of the state dry air prevails.

In the north, east and west, there are 2 dry and 2 rainy seasons. There is only one rainy season in the south — this is the period from November to April.

In different parts of the country, these periods are felt differently. The warmest months are February and March, when the temperature is around 35 °C. The coolest, as far as possible, near the equator, — July and August.

The short rainy season falls between October and November. At the end of the year, the so-called “mango” it rains every day. However, short rains will not interfere with you. At this time, you can also organize a busy vacation: swim in the ocean, go diving and other types of water activities, go on excursions to national reserves.

The long rainy season reigns throughout the spring, from March to May. Moreover, in February and March, the rains erode the soil so much that it is impossible to drive. Therefore, the tourist life in the country freezes. The hunting season is also closed from April 1 to June 30, you can not go on a safari during this period.

When is the best time to fly to Tanzania?

After the monsoons, from early summer to mid-autumn, the dry season lasts 5-7 months. At this time of the year, the country is hot, bright and sunny, with little rainfall. Perhaps the best time to fly with a child to Tanzania. 

If you decide to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro, this event is also better to plan for the periods from August to October and from January to March.

The second dry season does not last long, only 2 months — January and February. This is a great time in sunny Tanzania, and only high prices in hotels and the cost of tours overshadow it.

Recommended travel calendar for Tanzania

So when is it better to fly to holidays in Tanzania? Once again, let's put it on the shelves, more precisely, in parts of the world:

  • North: July — October and December — March
  • South: June — October. 
  • West: December — March, May — October.
  • Zanzibar Islands, Mafia: July — October, December — March.

A few words about Zanzibar

To the question “When is it better to fly to Zanzibar”, we have already answered above — the island is best visited during the winter months, as well as from mid-summer to mid-autumn. Zanzibar has a humid climate with temperatures hovering around 28–30°C. In the Indian Ocean, the water temperature is the same all year round — 24–26 °C. 

When is the best time to fly to Tanzania?

If you are wondering when is the best time to fly to Zanzibar, choose summer. An additional non-obvious argument in favor of the summer months — new year festivals. You will be able to join the local culture, celebrate another Zanzibar New Year and take part in fun activities.

New Year in Zanzibar is celebrated for 4 days, which falls between the end of July and the beginning of August. The most colorful celebrations take place in the village of Makunduchi, in the south of the island. Locals arrange fights on banana stalks, and also solemnly get rid of all the old — obsolete property, negative emotions and experiences.

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