&laquo ;All shades of Zhiguli: mountains, Volga, cars, beer and the sea

Many associate the recognizable Samara brand Zhiguli exclusively with cars and the famous foamy drink. But the participants of the tour “All shades of Zhigulevsky” necessarily add to this range the highest mountains of the Russian Plain, a real Gothic castle and even the sea. Are you ready to be surprised?


You can explore the Samara region in different ways, depending on your mood and preferences. For example, here you can go on a tour with the study of the era of Russian Art Nouveau and get acquainted with the architecture, people, atmosphere of this period. One can learn the history of the region through its traditional cuisine. The Samara region has excellent offers for lovers of beach holidays, festivals, as well as those who want to see a variety of business cards of the region, its “brands”.

In the educational tour “All Shades of Zhigulevsky” everything is masterfully combined, including including non-standard brand images of Samara. These places are truly “postcard”, and photos from such a tour will decorate any social networks.

Samara. Photo: Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Culture of the Samara Region


The three-day trip “All shades of Zhigulevsky” will appeal to those who want to get new impressions and appreciate all the shades and moods of the main Samara brand.

The tour is really very “colorful”: perky shades of amber local beer, thoughtful green-chocolate – by the Zhiguli Mountains, inspiring pale azure ones by the Zhiguli Sea and, of course, a special mood and magical crimson colors of the sunset over the Volga. The gastronomic component of the program (beer, Volga fish) is also impressive.

And all this – for a very reasonable price. A tour with an all-inclusive road (branded train, meals and excursions) costs 17,990 rubles. per person, or (if you want to get to Samara yourself) – 7,990 rubles. excluding the road, but also with good nutrition.


The basis of Samara's “brand wardrobe” is, of course, the famous Zhigulevskoye beer. It is in the Samara region that the Zhiguli brewery is located, which turned 140 last year.

Zhigulevsky brewery. Photo: Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Culture of the Samara Region

Tourists will be able not only to visit the factory itself with a fascinating tour and taste different types of beer (homemade lemonades for children), but also go to the legendary Na Dne bar, which has become a place of pilgrimage for more than one generation of Samara residents and guests of the region.

Get ready to get aesthetic pleasure from the appearance of the factory building itself, considered a masterpiece of eclectic industrial architecture. The plant was built on the banks of the Volga by Alfred von Wakan in 1881 and has come down to us unchanged.

Bar “At the bottom”. Photo courtesy of samarabeer.ru


But the embankment of Samara (by the way, the longest embankment in Europe – its length is almost five kilometers) gives guests a picture of a modern city of the 21st century.


It is incredibly comfortable and beautiful here: well-groomed pedestrian and bicycle paths, many interesting art objects and sculptures, including a monument to Sukhov, the movie hero of the movie “White Sun of the Desert”, the architectural composition “Barge haulers on the Volga”, a singing fountain.

&laquo ;All shades of Zhigulevsky»: mountains, Volga, cars, beer and the sea

Samara embankment. Photo: GU SO TIC

Be sure to look into the stationary viewing binoculars installed along the entire embankment. In them, you can see in detail passing steamers and the opposite bank of the Volga.

Acquaintance with the embankment, stretching from the historical part to the modern districts, on the tour will be supplemented by an entertaining walk through the cozy streets of Old Samara, here you can appreciate the flavor of the “variegated” architecture of the city center.

«All shades of Zhigulevskogo»: mountains, Volga, auto, beer and the sea

Samara, city center. Photo: GU SO TIC

Before visiting the embankment, the tour participants will have breakfast at a restaurant overlooking the Volga, and after the tour of the Zhiguli Brewery, lunch is planned at one of the best restaurants in the city, Hudson, conveniently located on the very bank of the Volga. The interiors of this well-known establishment in Samara are very spectacular and stylish (great photos are a must have), and the cuisine is famous for the exquisite tastes of author's dishes.


Tourists will be able to get acquainted with another brand of the Samara region in the All Shades of Zhigulevsky tour at Garibaldi Castle. And on the way to the castle, located in the village of Khryashchevka, not far from Tolyatti, the participants of the All Shades of Zhigulevsky tour will have a photo session at one of the most beautiful viewing platforms of the Volga basin – the Helipad, which offers an original view of the Volga and the Zhiguli mountains.

Observation deck in Samara. Photo: GU SO TIC

The castle of Garibaldi itself is a place with a rich atmosphere of the Middle Ages, chivalrous spirit and mysterious Gothic. Lovers of long-lasting impressions and, of course, vivid photos have something to profit from here – you are guaranteed to bring them from here.

Garibaldi Castle was built by businessman Oleg Garibaldievich Kuzichkin. And the castle was named not in honor of the political figure from Italy, Giuseppe Garibaldi, but in honor of the father of the entrepreneur.

The main style of the castle, which has been catching the admiring glances of guests since the early 2000s, is Neo-Gothic, that is, traditional Gothic in a more modern vision. But not only. In the elements of its architecture, one can find features of European romanticism and even real, classical Gothic.

Tolyatti, Garibaldi Castle. Photo: Aleksey Belousov, provided by the Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Culture of the Samara Region

It is important that the castle in the Samara Region is not some kind of copy of its European medieval “colleagues”. This is a unique building built according to the author's project.

At the same time, Garibaldi Castle does not look like a “remake” at all. Rather, on the contrary. Due to the fact that parts of the castle are “aged”, the facades are lined with natural stone, and the dragons, griffins and gargoyles decorating the castle are made very skillfully, the tourist literally gets the feeling of “teleportation in the Middle Ages”. As they say in the reviews, fantasy awakens and immediately you begin to wait for the appearance of brave knights and princesses.

By the way, on the territory of the castle you can see sculptures of the Knights of the Round Table from ancient legends: Percival, Galahad, Gawain.

It is not difficult to find a location for the perfect photo in this unique architectural complex with a stunning flowering area. There will be only one difficulty: to leave the territory of the castle. To ease the torment, let us inform you that not far from Garibaldi there is a descent to a picturesque beach. If you take your swimwear with you, you can swim in the Volga.

Tolyatti, Garibaldi castle. Photo: Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Culture of the Samara Region


See how the city of Togliatti lives, the capital of the automotive industry of Russia, located on the eastern bank of the Volga opposite the Zhiguli Mountains (by the way, and gave the name legendary brand of car) will be available as part of a sightseeing bus tour.

The opportunity to admire the Zhiguli Sea and the Zhiguli Mountains in the sunset will be presented during a hearty dinner at the TogliattiAzot House of Culture.

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Pike perch with broccoli and dill sauce. Photo from the website of the Vashche Ognya restaurant

The Zhiguli Mountains, located in the Zhiguli Nature Reserve and on the territory of the Samarskaya Luka National Park, are not very high by the standards of the Caucasus or Ural Mountains. But on the Russian Plain, they are the highest.

And so picturesque that they are often called “Volga Switzerland”. Recreation in the Zhiguli Mountains is varied: hiking and cycling in summer, skiing and snowboarding are popular in winter. The mountains are very beautiful in autumn: covered with deciduous forest, they blaze with bright colors.

The Kuibyshev reservoir also attracts tourists, it is also the Zhiguli Sea. This is the largest reservoir on the Volga. But not only on the Volga: it is one of the three largest man-made reservoirs in terms of area (510 kilometers long) in the world: only the Volta in Ghana and Smallwood in Canada are ahead. The widest part of the Zhiguli Sea is located at the confluence of the Kama River with the Volga – more than 40 kilometers.

Due to the sandy bottom and warm water, both locals and tourists like to swim in the Zhiguli Sea. People come here for fishing, and just for a relaxing holiday in nature. There are also impressive sunsets on the Zhiguli Sea.

Sunset. Photo of the Sky-Village Hotel, provided by the Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Culture of the Samara Region

Sunset on the Zhiguli Sea. Photo: Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Culture of the Samara Region

As we have already said, the All Shades of Zhigulevsky tour is a great way to get acquainted with all the visiting cards of the Samara Region. But not only: according to statistics, many tourists, having been on tours in the region, then return to their favorite places again. There are many shades, there are plenty to choose from.


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