Traveller maps were created taking into account the needs and requests of the modern tourist. Thanks to this approach, it was possible to obtain the most convenient and profitable product for travelers. Using such cards, you can:

  • book hotels in any corner of the world, getting up to 10 percent cashback;
  • buy train tickets with 5 percent cashback;
  • rent cars. Moreover, in this case, the cardholder will be returned up to 10 percent of the amount spent;
  • buy tours with 5 percent cashback.

The money received is returned directly to the cardholder's account. Subsequently, the funds received can be spent on paying for any goods and services.

Miles as a prize bonus

Plastic cards for travelers — how to choose?

In addition to travel cards, there are other great deals. For example, a separate bonus system, within which the owner is awarded bonuses in the form of miles.

Bonus points (miles) will be credited to the cardholder for each purchase made. The bonuses accumulated in this way can be used to purchase tours and pay for tickets. For more information on how miles are accumulated, at what rate they can be exchanged for rubles and what to spend them on, the bank manager or the corresponding section on the official website will tell.

In general, if you want to issue a card with miles accrual, contact a bank employee for help. It will help you to choose the right option and correctly execute the appropriate financial instrument.

Plastic cards for travelers — how to choose the right one?

In addition to travel cards, banks have a number of additional offers for consumers. For example, a cash loan. Online cash loan banks lend money without collateral for consumer needs. The procedure itself is quite simple and transparent. As in the case of obtaining other loans, we recommend that you carefully read the agreement and, in case of any questions, do not hesitate to ask your manager at the bank.

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