Samara region entertains:  creative and musical festivals on the Volga in the summer of 2022

Several festivals will be held in the Samara region in summer, each with its own specifics and energy . Incredible variety of live music, performances, exhibitions, cheerful dances and, of course, a fantastic atmosphere – lovers of bright pastime will be impressed. Let's talk about the main summer festivals on the Volga.


Every year, with the onset of summer, the air of the Samara province is saturated with music and creativity, music lovers begin to come to the city and seekers of a unique atmosphere of fun.

Samara turns into a real holiday for them: open-air dancing, interesting live music of different genres, theatrical performances, contemporary art, new hobbies, and just chatting with friends and the desire to be a little happier. All this tourists get at impressive festivals.

If you haven't managed to feel like a part of a big Samara festival family yet, it's time to plunge into this creative madness. We will tell you about the main events of the summer of 2022 in Samara, and you choose and go.


This festival, which has been held on the banks of the Volga since 2016, has the status of the main event of the summer season and the reputation of the most sincere and authentic festival in Samara. This is not just a festival, it is a real ode to summer, life on the Volga and its unique sunsets.

During the marathon of live music and creativity, guests will be able to truly relax, enjoy nature, accompanied by talented performers (genres: from indie pop and jazz to modern music).

Volgafest festival in 2021. Photo: Volgafest-2021 press service

In addition to the music itself, the guests of the festival will become spectators of theatrical productions, performances, participants in master classes, reflect on interesting topics as part of discussions, listen to lectures, see the show kites, parade of yachts, taste delicious dishes. In total, more than 100 events take place within the framework of the festival.

The uniqueness of last year was the holding of Volgafest in a two-week format. Due to this, there was a tendency for tourists to re-arrive to the festival due to a busy program.

On the final day of Volgafest-2021, a fantastic “Volga swim” took place – a regatta of home-made surreal swimming facilities took place along the Volga.

The current year's program has not yet been announced, but we can say with confidence that it will be interesting. You can follow the updates here.

In 2022, the Volgafest embankment festival will take place not in June, as it was in previous years, but in August. The decision to postpone was made due to the fact that another major festival is planned for June in the region – Samfest, which will be held in Samara for the first time.


This year in Samara on June 11 and 12 there will be a high-profile premiere – the festival “Samfest”. The organizers call “Samfest” an event of a completely new format and predict the glory of a musical event of an all-Russian scale for it.

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that only those musicians who write poetry and music themselves will be able to perform at the festival – hence the name “Samfest”.

Samara region entertains:  creative and musical festivals on the Volga in the summer of 2022

Festival “SAM.FEST”. Photo: festival organizer

The festival will bring together an exemplary cast of artists on one stage. Vyacheslav Butusov and the former leader of the Semantic Hallucinations group Sergey Bobunets, Oleg Mityaev, the Melnitsa group, Billy's Band, VLNY romantics will perform. and you won't be able to stand. Only selflessly dance and have fun. Of course, in addition to the masters of the stage, promising debutants will also perform. In general, there will be something to please your ears. The show will be hosted by the popular Tutta Larsen.

 Samara region entertains:  creative and music festivals on the Volga in the summer of 2022

Vyacheslav Butusov is a participant in SAM.FEST. Photo: official page of Vyacheslav Butusov

The festival will take place at the Solidarity-Arena stadium. In addition to the musical program, entertainment areas for children and adults, a fair and a food court are waiting for guests of the holiday. It is also important that the entrance to the festival will be free.

According to the organizers, “Samfest” can replace “Rock over the Volga”, which took place in the region every summer from 2009 to 2013. The main difference from “Rock over the Volga” is the variety of genres. Bards and folk performers will be added to rock bands.


This summer, for the first time, the unique international festival-traveler “Musical Expedition” will come to Samara from June 2 to 5 to delight connoisseurs of classical and jazz music.

The festival, whose artistic director is the Honored Artist of Russia, the world-famous cellist Boris Andrianov, dates back to 2014 and is held in different regions of Russia and introduces their residents and guests to high music against the backdrop of unique natural landscapes and famous historical sites.

 Samara region entertains:  creative and music festivals on the Volga in the summer of 2022

Boris Andrianov is the artistic director of the Musical Expedition festival. Photo: Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory

It is not by chance that the historical scenery was chosen by chance, because the organizers of the festival initially set as their goal (and adhere to it) not only to please music lovers with world musical classics, but also to draw the attention of the audience to the subtle beauty of the Russian land, its rich history, and objects of national cultural heritage.

In the Samara region, the festival will travel to several locations at once. The first concerts will be held on June 2 in Strukovsky Garden, the oldest park in Samara, located on the banks of the Volga.

 Samara region entertains:  creative and music festivals on the Volga in the summer of 2022

Sergey Mazaev is a participant in the Musical Expedition festival. Photo: official page

The next day, June 3, concerts will be held on the territory of the house-museum of the artist Ilya Repin, in one of the most beautiful villages in Russia – in Shiryaevo. It was here that Repin painted his painting Barge haulers on the Volga. The event will be hosted by Artem Vargaftik.

 Samara region entertains: creative and music festivals on the Volga in the summer of 2022

The village of Shiryaevo. Photo: Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Culture of the Samara Region.

The third day of the festival will also be rich. On June 4, concerts will be held at the Samara Literary and Memorial Museum. M. Gorky (beginning at 11 a.m.), at the Museum of Modern (begins at 12 noon).

Performances are planned at the Children's Picture Gallery museum (beginning at 13 o'clock), at the Art Museum (beginning at 2 p.m.), on the territory of the German Courtyard (beginning at 3 p.m.). And in the evening, you can listen to classical music on the territory of the Clock House. Start at 20 o'clock. ​

 Samara region entertains:  creative and musical festivals on the Volga in the summer of 2022

Samara Literary and Memorial Museum named after M. Gorky. Photo: museum website

The Samara region entertains:  creative and musical festivals on the Volga in the summer of 2022

Samara Regional Art Museum. Photo: museum website

In the park complex of the history of technology. KG Sakharov in Togliatti concert will be held on June 5 at 16 o'clock.


Connoisseurs of classical music and lovers of high art will enjoy the summer festival “Tremolo”, which will be held from July 7 to 9 in Togliatti.

The festival started in 2008, in 2014 and 2015 Tremolo was already recognized as the “Best Cultural Project” in the field of event tourism in Russia according to the Russian Event Awards, and in 2018 received support from the Presidential Grants Fund. Until 2016, the festival was called “Classics over the Volga”.

Samara region entertains: art and music festivals on the Volga in the summer of 2022

Tremolo Festival. Photo: Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Culture of the Samara Region.

On the stage of “Tremolo” you will not hear complex academic works, only understandable and beloved classics sound. Orchestras, vocalists, artists from leading theaters in Russia and abroad perform against the backdrop of the Zhiguli Mountains and a pine forest, which creates an indescribable atmosphere.

Since there is no classical concert hall, the audience is absolutely free in their movements, there is no evening dress code at the festival.

During the performances, you can walk around the territory, stand by the water, chat with other guests of the festival, and have a bite to eat.

On the first day of the festival, July 7, the Cinema Jazz program awaits the audience. That evening, the best jazz musicians of St. Petersburg, the Chigadaev Big Band, will gather on the stage and present their new program.

The next day, July 8, the concert “All Facets of the Classics”. Veronika Dzhioeva will perform, whose divine soprano will give the audience real pleasure. Together with Veronika Dzhioeva, the Gubernatorsky Orchestra will be on stage.

The program “Masterpieces of the World Musical” is scheduled for July 9th. The program includes: Broadway origins in the sounds of “West Side Story” and “My Fair Lady”, fragments of Andrew Lloyd Webber's recognized masterpieces – the musicals “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Jesus Christ Superstar”, etc.

All concerts will be held at summer terrace of the restaurant “Ambar” in the recreation area “New Wave”. Ticket price – 1400 rubles. (July 7) and 1500 r. for concerts on July 8 and 9. Tickets can only be purchased online.

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