FlixBus launches a new bus line from Kyiv to Wroclaw

From June 23, the European bus carrier FlixBus opens a new bus line Kyiv – Wroclaw. The bus schedule will be such that it will be possible to travel on the territory of Ukraine only during the day. June 17, 2022 0 2 min

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Buses will depart four times a week:

  • from Kyiv on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays;
  • from Wrocław on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

The full route of the flight N3230 Kyiv — Wroclaw: Kyiv — Zhytomyr — Novgorod-Volynsky — Rivne — Lviv — Krakow — Katowice — Wroclaw.

Departure from Kyiv

  • at 10:30 – from the Central Bus Station of Kyiv on Demeevskaya Square;
  • at 11:30 – from the Kyiv bus station (S. Petliura St., 32);
  • at 13:35 — from Zhytomyr bus station;
  • at 14:55 — from Novgorod-Volynsky;
  • at 16:30 — from Rivne;
  • at 20:30 — from the Stryi bus station in Lviv;
  • at 2:35 — arrival in Krakow;
  • at 3:55 – arrival in Katowice;
  • at 6:35 – arrival in Wroclaw.

Departure from Wroclaw

    < li>at 20:00 from Wroclaw;
  • at 22:45 from Katowice;
  • at 00:15 from Krakow;
  • at 7: 20 — arrival in Lviv;
  • at 10:45 — arrival in Rivne;
  • at 12:15 — arrival in Novgorod-Volynsky;
  • at 13: 35 — arrival in Zhytomyr;
  • at 15:45 — arrival at the Kyiv bus station near the railway station of the capital;
  • at 16:15 — arrival at the Central bus station in Kyiv.

The bus schedule is designed in such a way that it is possible to travel on the territory of Ukraine only during the day – this is done for traffic safety and the absence of curfew violations in Ukrainian cities.

Ticket prices start from UAH 1,799.

Now there are already ten routes to Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary, which connect Ukraine with the European Flixbus network.

According to the CFTS.

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