Routes from Tatariv: what to see in the Carpathians

Tatars are a real treasure of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Many tourist routes start in this village, which everyone should pass at least once in their life. What to see in these parts, the traveler Tatyana Didkovskaya told. July 16, 2021 0 6 min

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Thoughtful mountains and spacious valleys, ringing waterfalls and small streams, secret paths in the foggy foreforests of the Carpathians have always attracted and fascinated me. That is why in May I really wanted to go to the “magic land of Cheremosh and Prut” again in May.

The choice fell on the village of Tatariv, located within the Carpathian National Reserve. We have not been here yet, and since the village is only 14 km from Bukovel, 6 km from Vorokhta, we also planned to visit these locations. It is also relatively close to Yaremche – only 20 km, but we were in Yaremche, so we did not include it in the route.

Tatarov: how to get there

It is convenient for travelers without their own car to get to Tatariv – there is a railway station directly in the village, through which many suburban and passenger trains run. On suburban stations, you can get to such stations as Yaremche, Vorokhta, Rakhiv, Kolomyia, Ivano-Frankivsk, etc.

From Kyiv, we traveled by train 143K Kyiv-Vorohta without changes, until the destination. Train 357/358 also stops in Tatariv, it can take you directly to Ternopil, Khmelnitsky, Vinnitsa, Zalishchyky.

I love traveling by train to Western Ukraine, because already on the road you see so much beauty, incredible landscapes , it remains only to enjoy.

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When you get off at the Tatariv railway station, you immediately plunge into the special atmosphere of the Ukrainian Carpathians. By the way, the railway station in Tatariv was built in 1894 in the Austrian style and is an architectural monument.

There will be no problems with housing in Tatariv. There are many options – from private estates to hotels.

Routes from Tatariv: what to see


  • (I recommend the bike route). The length is 24 km.

The route starts in Tatariv and goes towards Yablunitsa, where it turns right after the sign to Polyanytsya. The end point – the bike park – is located on the mountain, where you can go up on the lift number 5, and go down one of the three bike trails.

Also in Bukovel in the summer you can swim in Molodist Lake, admire the scenery.

And on the way there is a small attraction – an upside down house in the village of Polyanitsa. The uniqueness of the building is that everything is upside down, both outside and inside.

Routes from Tatariv: what to see in the Carpathians

© depositphotos Photo by Katerina3

Carpathian craftsmen-carpenters built the house in just a month and a half. They planned to make a small hotel or cafe here, therefore, for reasons of comfort, all the furniture is in the normal position.

On the ground floor of the house there is a room – something like a utility room or an attic, as is customary in ordinary houses, as well as a toilet. The second floor can be reached by a massive wooden staircase. On the second there is already where to disperse. Although there is only one room, it is very large.

Routes from Tatariv: what to see in the Carpathians

© depositphotos Photo by ChamilleWhite

Routes from Tatariv: what to see in the Carpathians

Author of the photo – Tatyana Didkovskaya

This is a popular place among tourists – next to the upside down house there is a market for souvenirs and local products, you can buy all kinds of herbs, teas, honey, roots, mushrooms and drinks.


Vorohta is a contrast: with typical Hutsul buildings, century-old viaducts and exclusively wooden churches, satellite dishes coexist, and once a day trains rumble along the new railway bridge. Although… they are somewhat rare.

The farther into the mountains, the more comfortable the villages become. There are enough tourists in Vorokhta – this is not yet the Carpathian wilderness. But the difference between Yaremche and Vorokhta is easy to notice: it is quieter around, the slopes are more steep, the Prut current is faster. By the way, the village is located at an altitude of 850 meters above sea level: just imagine how clean the air is here! Crystal!

Routes from Tatariv: what to see in the Carpathians

© depositphotos Photo author – AntonMatyukha

Viaducts in Vorokhta

Vorokhta is home to two of the six Ukrainian viaducts that were previously used to organize rail links. Both the first and the second are over 100 years old, both are also impressive: 100 and 130 meters, which makes them one of the longest in Europe.

Built back in the days of Austria-Hungary, these grandiose structures are a delight: the old masonry in the arches, the massiveness of the structure, the bend in the path and the fabulous Carpathian landscapes should definitely get into your travel photo album!

Routes from Tatariv: what to see in the Carpathians

© depositphotos Photo by JamaL1977a

Routes from Tatariv: what to see in the Carpathians

© depositphotos Photo author – RoneDya

Routes from Tatariv: what to see in the Carpathians

© depositphotos Photo by

Lake Nesamovyte

Near Vorokhta, at an altitude of 1750 m above sea level, there is Lake Nesamovyte. It can only be reached on foot along a marked tourist route. Hike to Nesamovity is an entertainment for the whole day, so carefully calculate your strength before you go there.

Many legends are associated with the lake, many of them warn against swimming in the picturesque alpine reservoir. However, this does not interfere with travelers who are tired of the heat: there are always tent camps near the lake and bonfires smoke, and a tourist who is especially hardy to low temperatures bathes in icy water.

Routes from Tatariv: what to see in the Carpathians

Photo author – author U-235It is also from Vorokhta that it is better to start climbing the highest mountain of Ukraine, Hoverla (2061 m.). Travel time is 3-4 hours. the length of the route is 4 km.

Zhenetsky Huk Waterfall

  • (The cycling route will also be convenient). Route length: 20 km.

The route starts in Tatariv and goes along the highway towards Yaremche, turns left at the sign at the end of Tatarov. Further, an asphalt path along the Zhenets River leads to the next turn to the left to the Zhenetsky Hook (waterfall).

You can also visit this waterfall if you go to Mount Khomyak. You can start from the railway station with. Tatarov, walk along the Zhenets River to the waterfall, then through the Khomyakov valley there is a road to the mountain slope and a rocky path up to the top of Khomyak, the height of which is 1542 m. From here you can continue the journey to the neighboring Sinyak mountain (1665 m) .

< p>On the route, you can see the Zhenetsky waterfall, landscapes from the top of Khomyak to Chernogora, in particular, the mountains of Hoverla, Petros and Dovbushanka. And of course, enjoy the mountain air, rushing streams, have a picnic with stunning views and truly relax your soul.

Routes from Tatariv: what to see in the Carpathians

Photo by Tatyana Didkovskaya

Routes from Tatariv: what to see in the Carpathians< /p>Author of the photo – Tatyana Didkovskaya

Another mountain that you can visit in the vicinity, with a delicious name – Yagodnaya. Height 1216 m.

You can start the route from the abandoned railway station in Tatariv, from there the trail goes north to the Lisnovy mountain range, then to Mount Yagodnaya.

< h4>Glade of Love

The route starts in the center of the village of Tatariv, from there it leads to the Glade of Love and ends in the village of Kremenets. On the route you can see: the Church of St. Dmitry with a bell tower (XVIII century). The Glade of Love is covered with a legend about a Hutsul woman who threw herself off a cliff because of unrequited love.

Museums of Verkhovyna

Verkhovyna is a museum village. There are six of them here:

  • Museum of Hutsul Life.
  • Museum of Hutsul Magic.
  • “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”.
  • “House-flock”.
  • Museum “V trembita”.
  • Museum of the Hutsul region.

Routes from Tatariv: what to see in the Carpathians

Photo by – Tatyana Didkovskaya

Routes from Tatariv : what to see in the Carpathians

Author of the photo – Tatyana Didkovskaya

In addition to visiting museums, Verkhovyna today offers a variety of tourist attractions for every taste (master classes, picnics in the mountains, rafting and much more).


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