How to make money on children's recreation in 2022? Get trained at SportZania Academy and find out! All travel agents who successfully complete the course will receive certificates of specialists, will be able to take part in an online quiz and win memorable prizes from the organizers.

SportZania is a children's holiday in the Moscow region and on the Black Sea. The duration of recreation programs and themes are different: educational, role-playing, sports.

Here you can improve your English with a native speaker in special classes that take place in a playful way, take part in an exciting investigation or develop a business project, feel like a spy or a brilliant scientist.

Due to the competent unobtrusive integration of the educational process into leisure , full of exciting adventures, SportZania will also appeal to parents.

May 11, 2022, SportZania launched its own academy for travel agents, which will run for a year, until May 10, 2023 inclusive.


SportZania Academy consists of 3 courses.

1 course: Sportzania Brand, Tours, Customers and Key Points of Sale;< /p>

2nd course: “Premium camp with English speakers”;

3rd course: “Programs”.

In each course you will find useful information about the features of children's recreation, the field of children's camps in general and the SportZania camp in particular. This will help travel agents to expand the range of services and start making money on children's holidays.

«SportZania Academy» was developed for travel business professionals working in the Russian market. Also, the courses of the academy will be useful for teachers and parents – here you will learn a lot of new things and understand why the children's camp is a great place for the socialization of the child, the search for his talents and integrated development.

Any visitor to the site can get acquainted with the courses, but only a registered tourism employee can take tests and receive certification.

The online academy is aimed at an audience of specialists working in Russia. Nevertheless, travel agents from any country can take training courses and receive a specialist certificate.

As part of their studies at the Academy, students will be offered, in addition to online courses, to take part in special webinars.

One of the webinars, which took place on May 23, is available for everyone to record.

At the end of each course, you will have a short test to check how well you have learned the material. After successfully passing the third, final test, you will receive a personalized SportZania Specialist for Children's Camps certificate – the official graduation document of our online academy. It is valid for 2 years from the date of receipt.

All graduates of the Academy, in addition to certificates, can take part in the final quiz, in which gifts from the organizers of the training course will be drawn.

Start training at « SportZania Academy

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