Ukrainian IT- IT professionals may be allowed to travel abroad

IT professionals may be allowed short-term travel during the current martial law. According to Alexander Bornyakov, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for IT, 70% managed not only not to slow down the pace of doing business, but also to attract new customers, and more than 50% of companies expect their business to grow even in times of war. June 17, 2022 0 2 min

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“Personal contact is very important. There are things like conferences, business forums that you need to attend, showcase your business and attract new customers. It could have been postponed for a couple of months, but the situation is such that there is nowhere to put it off,”, the deputy minister explains.

Now the Ministry of Digital Development, together with the Ministry of Defense, the General Staff and the Ministry of Economy, are creating a mechanism that will allow specialists to leave the country for a short period of time if there are guarantees that a person will return after solving work matters.

“In a few days there should already be a decision that should be general. It is necessary that all branches of government make this decision, primarily the Ministry of Defense. We see that understanding is already there. We are talking about a maximum of two to three weeks, but I think that even if we are talking about 5-7 working days, this is enough to resolve the issue and go back,”, Bornyakov says.

How will it work?

According to the proposed model, an IT company will have to submit a limited list of people, for example, no more than 10%, and it will be considered by the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Economy, who will issue the permit. Permission will be received by border guards and the person who needs it to leave. After that, you can leave for the specified country for the period specified in the permit.

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