Romania for refugees: help, prices and advice from personal experience

Our reader Valentina shared useful information about her stay in Romania. Useful to all Ukrainian refugees there! June 28, 2022 0 3 min

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Rent price

  • 1-room apartment – ​​from €300
  • 2-room apartment – from €400
  • 3-room apartment – from €500

The price depends on the sector and location (traffic interchange and metro). The city of Bucharest consists of 6 sectors: the 2nd sector is the cheapest, the 1st sector is the most expensive. In the 1st sector, the cost of renting an apartment starts from 1500 euros.

A real estate company that helps Ukrainians for free.

Cost of utilities


1-room apartment – ​​from 250 RON/month.

2-3 rooms – from 300 RON/month.


+ 100 Ron

Romania also has a government program whereby:

  • You can find an apartment without paying or pay only utilities.
  • The state returns money to the owner of the apartment for tenants 50 RON per person per day.
  • Many people live like this, but this is for the first time (from several days up to several months).

Parking problems in Bucharest. Many apartments are rented with a parking space.

Helpful Resources for Finding Housing Assistance


< strong>Information about free places in refugee centers:

  • +4021.414.44.94 – call center for refugees (Center for Emergency Management and Coordination)
  • +40 730 073 170
  • +40 721 206 926

(Romanian National Council for Refugees)

All of the above phone numbers have Russian speaking staff/volunteers.

The fare in municipal transport is 3 RON.

Prices in supermarkets (Lidl, Mega Mash)

  • Bread – from Ron 3
  • Milk – from Ron 5
  • Chicken – from 25 Ron
  • Slicing – from 5 Ron per pack
  • Sour cream – from 5 Ron
  • Vegetables – from 5 Ron Ron per kg
  • Greens – from Ron 5
  • Water – Ron 2.5 (0.75)

Have a snack in a cafe – from 30 RON

Coffee – from 15 RON

There is a ROMEXPO pavilion in Sector 1 (Bulevardul Mărăști 65 -67, București 011465), where you can get help for refugees: ready meals, things (second-hand), hygiene products and products.

Finding a job

  • Minimum salary of 500 euros.
  • Many employers provide food and lodging.
  • Knowledge of the language in priority is English or Romanian.

Medical care

Russian speaking therapist


Russian speaking pharmacist

+40774 538 898


M Hospital

Free medical care for refugees

Witting street 10-12,sector 1

tel. 0219136

For those who come with animals – a Russian-speaking veterinarian.

Help Chats

  • /unitipentruucraina
  • Viber chat
  • Free psychological help for Ukrainians
  • A group of psychologists who work with children and adults affected by the war in Ukraine

Groups for diabetics where you can find free insulin:

  • https ://

Hryvnia can be exchanged at BCR bank, where you can also open an account. In exchange offices it is better not to change the hryvnia.

Material assistance

You can get help from the UN. The meeting must be attended by all family members at whom assistance is issued.

Aid entry form.

JRS Romania

Give coupons for the purchase of food 10 pieces of 20 lei (200 lei for each family member). Registration is required to enroll. The form is posted on the website and Fb page.

Aid from the Red Cross – €110

Address of the branch where you can apply for help.

0374415000 (ro/en/rus/uk)

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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