Best Cities for Dogs

Dog — man's best friend, and for a friend we are ready for anything! Going on a trip, we want the trip to bring joy not only to us, but also to our pets. Do you want your dog to feel like a VIP? We know where you can pamper him!

The best cities for traveling with a pet in the UK.
Nottingham is not only the city of Robin Hood, but also the real dog capital of England .
16 large parks for walking, 14 salons for dogs, 71 training grounds.

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In second place is Liverpool, famous not only for The Beatles, but also for the number of parks for walking — There are 107 of them, there are 11 salons for dogs in this city, and there are 261 kennels here.

Best cities for dogs

Third place is occupied by the East Yorkshire city of Hull — it houses 26 training grounds, 116 kennels and 46 walking parks.

Best cities for dog holidays

Birmingham is in fourth place, with 26 dog parlors, 84 training rooms and an impressive number of veterinary clinics – there are 205 of them in this city.

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Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is fifth on this list, with “only” 155 walking parks, 26 dog training centers and 25 veterinary clinics.

Best cities to visit with dogs

The Best Cities to Play with Animals in America
The coastal city of Long Beach in southern California is one of the best cities to pamper your dog. It has 985 dog training centers, over 445 kennels, and 259 grooming salons.

Best cities for dog holidays

Then comes the city of Mesa, which has more than 619 veterinarians, 546 dog training centers and 337 kennels.

Best dog-friendly cities

Georgia's capital, Atlanta, ranks third with 65 stunning outdoor parks and 139 dog parlors.

Best cities to visit with dogs

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