How many a yacht tour is really worth it: the yachtsman explains

A yachtsman with 7 years of experience Alexei Kozyr will tell us about all the nuances of forming the cost of a yacht tour. After such an instruction, you will definitely be able to choose the most profitable option! May 01, 2021 AUTHOR: Aleksey Kozyr 0 11 min

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How much is it really worth a yacht tour: yachtsman explains

Aleksey Kozyr fb web Hello! My name is Alexey Kozyr and I want to talk to you about sailing. Find out more interesting things about yachting on my telegram channel Have a Good Trip

The yachting season in the Mediterranean is about to start and I want to share some very valuable knowledge. I will tell you in detail what the price of traveling on a yacht consists of and explain how much it actually costs. This knowledge will allow you to navigate the prices in the market, understand how it works and learn how to distinguish profitable offers. I want to help you have a really cool experience if you decide to go on a trip like this this summer. But let's start with a little background.

How I got into yachting

Since time immemorial, people have traveled by sail. Such trips have their own magic, they give a unique range of emotions and impressions. You return from such a voyage already a little different – salty from the waves and wind. Such a journey makes you freer inside, it expands the boundaries and allows you to take a different look at familiar things.

I know this from myself, because I was born and raised by the sea. Several generations of captains of my family have become an example and a guide for me to choose the direction in life.

From early childhood, I came to my grandfather at the Maritime Academy, where he was the dean of the faculty of maritime navigation. I ran along the spacious corridors, looked at the guys in uniform and listened to how my grandfather lectures on navigation. It was then that I decided in my heart that I would definitely become a sailor.

How much does a yacht tour actually cost: a yachtsman explains

Photo by Alexey Kozyr

How much does a yacht tour actually cost: explains the yachtsman

Author of the photo – Aleksey Kozyr

A little later, I graduated from the Naval Academy with honors and went to sea for the first time. Since then, astern, already more than five hundred thousand miles. At the age of 36, I made a career in marine scientific expeditions. I work on the most modern vessels in the world and have reached the level of managing the risk assessment and control segment in such projects.

About 7 years ago I got on board a sailing yacht for the first time and the direction of my life changed. I felt on board the yacht something that was not on large ships – that she was alive. Every yacht has a soul, as any seasoned sailor will tell you. Since then I have sailed all over Europe, competed in the World Sailing Championships as a team manager, trained and certified as a Yachtmaster with the Royal Yachting Association (RYA), founded two of my own projects and helped organize trips for more than 700 travelers.

What is the price of a yacht tour?

Over the years in the yacht charter and sailing industry, I have noticed something very strange. Prices for such trips are often built from the ceiling at all and there is no real reason why this is so.

The price of a trip on a yacht consists of several parts:

  • The cost of renting a yacht
  • Additional options
  • Captain's salary
  • Deposit (refundable and non-refundable)
  • Organizational expenses (tickets, insurance, etc.)
  • Ship cash desk (food, fuel, parking)

There is an opinion that yachting is expensive. In contrast, many companies that organize such holidays try to lure customers with statements and articles on the topic “Yachting is as affordable as holidays in and variations on the theme.

Wait a minute! In which hotel? What yachting? Everything is relative. You can rent a room at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and enjoy an unreal view from the rooftop pool, you can rent a room at the Economist Hotel in Karolino-Bugaz near Odessa. Both this and that hotel, but there is an abyss between them. It is the same with yachts.

How much is it really worth a yacht tour: a yachtsman explains

How to travel on a yacht on a budget?

Prices are highly dependent on the region and seasonality. During the summer, especially in August, the price for the same boat may differ several times. The most profitable option is to get on a brand new yacht at the beginning of the season or during the velvet season. This is usually April-May or September-October in the Mediterranean.

If you're a smart traveler, which I assume you are since you're reading this, then your goal is to get the best quality and experience possible for a reasonable budget. This is only possible with knowledge.

Single-hull yachts are always cheaper than catamarans. Catamarans, in turn, provide more comfort and less pumping. The price directly depends on the year of manufacture and the size of the boat. The bigger and fresher it is, the more expensive it is, respectively.

You can get an impression of the prices of boats on various offer aggregators. There are a lot of them, here are a few for example:

  • yachtico .com

Aggregator sites work by connecting to databases of charter companies. Not only websites have access to such databases, but also booking agents. An experienced captain can help you pick up a boat. He has all the necessary connections and knowledge.

My experience clearly speaks in favor of the fact that it is much more valuable to find a good captain or agent than a hundred beautiful sites. Here experience decides, not a picture, marketing or a convenient interface. If you want to go on such a trip and need help in choosing a boat and finding a captain, then you can always contact me personally and I will be happy to help you do it correctly.

One of the coolest options is going on a trip – private boats and offers from the owners. These boats are much better looked after, the owners can offer you more flexible prices and dates, and there are often no additional payments, such as a deposit.

How much does a yacht tour actually cost: a yachtsman explains< /p> Photo by Alexey Kozyr

How much is it really worth a yacht tour: a yachtsman explains

Author of the photo – Aleksey Kozyr

Average prices for a place in a yacht tour in the Mediterranean

Such a price is justified for a place on a cool exclusive boat, in the peak of the season, with a very experienced captain or even a whole team of stewardesses, cooks, sailors. I also had the opportunity to organize such trips. This is already a level where quality and time are valued, and the price is of secondary importance.

How much is it really worth a yacht tour: yachtsman explains

Let me tell you another very valuable insight – the difference in price for a place on a floating misunderstanding and on a fresh, solid boat will differ by a maximum of a couple of hundred euros. At the same time, the difference in comfort will be simply cosmic. Should I try to save as much as possible and choose from the cheapest options? I for a long time made an unequivocal conclusion – no. After all, you don't go on those trips every week, do you?

Additional payments

This is a fairly significant, but not obvious, part of the price of traveling on a yacht. This is especially useful to know if you have no sailing experience and you are only planning to get acquainted with this type of tourism.

Compulsory payments

For example, the final cleaning of the boat. This may also include a dinghy (inflatable boat) with or without a motor, the first and last night in the yacht club, bed linen and towels. For Turkey, we also add a transit log. In a word, everything that makes up the basic comfort on board.

This category is also called a service pack. Conditions may differ from company to company for better or for worse. Large companies sometimes include such a service pack in the base price, small companies take money separately for each position. The worst ones I've ever dealt with make it so that you can pretend not to pay for something, but in fact you can't. As, for example, for a motor for a dinghy. It is on board, but to use – pay extra. Otherwise, oil you to the shore on the oars.

Optional payments

These include all sorts of goodies such as Wi-Fi on board, SUP, kayak, masks with fins, fishing tackle and more . Something that you can safely do without, but if it is, then the rest will be more comfortable. To take or not to take such options is already a personal matter. There is no clear pro or con.


This is the insurance amount in case of breakdowns of the yacht itself or equipment on it. The deposit can be refundable, non-refundable or a combination of the two.

How much does a yacht tour actually cost: a yachtsman explains

Photo by Alexey Kozyr

How much is it really worth a yacht tour: yachtsman explains

Photo by Alexey Kozyr

Refundable deposit

Usually this is a fairly significant amount of several thousand euros, which is taken when accepting the boat as a guarantee against damage. There are several risks involved here. Firstly, how carefully the skipper takes the boat depends on whether he will end up with damage that was done by previous guests. Secondly, a purely human factor, when the money falls into the hands of the managers of the charter company, they sometimes go to all sorts of tricks and deceit in order not to return them.

Non-refundable deposit

As a rule, much less and this, in fact, is the payment for your peace of mind. Yes, of course, you can not pay and then walk on heartburn for a week and be nervous until the last moment whether the full deposit will be returned or not. I prefer a non-refundable deposit if that's an option. It is better to take it as a necessary expense than to risk a much larger amount and be nervous all week.

Combined deposit

Some of it is non-refundable, some is refundable. In this case, the refundable part is much smaller and rarely exceeds a few hundred euros.

A few more words about the deposit. It is important to understand the division of responsibility. The team is not responsible for the mistakes of the captain and vice versa, the captain is not responsible for the damage caused by the team. If something is broken or broken inside the boat, the one who did it understands. If something happened to the boat itself, sails or other equipment, then this is already up to the captain.

Ship's cash desk

It is a common practice when all crew members are thrown off in a small amount money from which general ship expenses are paid: the purchase of provisions for a week for everyone, fuel, parking in yacht clubs along the route. This amount is about €100 per person or slightly higher. It strongly depends on the place, prices for fuel, provisions and parking.

So in Greece, for example, parking costs a penny, and in Corsica it can reach several hundred euros per night for the same boat. When planning a trip, it is worth paying due attention to this issue so that there are no surprises. One of the team members is usually in charge of the cash register.

I use the splitwise app when I travel. With it, it is very convenient to keep a balance of expenses for the company.

How much is it really is a yacht tour worth it: a yachtsman explains

Lowcost or all-inclusive?

I noticed two approaches when it comes to pricing for yacht tours:

I drown for the second option and I always try to give as detailed information as possible about how much it costs right away, so that a person’s decision to go or not is conscious and balanced.

The most important value taught by the sea is Freedom. And this is more than just a word or a beautiful image. It is up to you to decide where to head. There are no restrictions, rules, frameworks, social conventions, public opinion. The wind of freedom fills your sails as much as you have the courage and ability to set them.

Such circumstances inevitably change a person and make him better. They give an understanding that freedom has a price and teach to make informed decisions not only on board, but also in life. A person who sails at sea begins to appreciate simple things more, to notice little things, to think and plan his actions in advance, to be responsible for his decisions and actions. The sea teaches awareness and changes a person from the inside. It does it discreetly, naturally and with a guarantee.

I have a feeling that Freedom has become much less of late. Travel has become more difficult due to the large number of restrictions. By helping people go on a sailing trip, I bring to the world the opportunity to taste freedom and get to know myself from a new, better side. And this makes a lot of sense to me. I know for sure that going out to sea under sail, a person escapes for a while from the crazy whirlpool of everyday affairs, returns to the realization of simple things and small joys, of which life actually consists.

How much does a yacht tour actually cost : yachtsman explains

How many really worth a yacht tour: yachtsman explains tur-objasnjaet-jahtsmen-81b691d.jpg

For a short period of time, all the fuss, all problems, all business and care. The salty sea wind blows everything superfluous out of the head. Looking at the distant horizon, listening to the splashing of the waves and watching the sun disk sinking behind the distant horizon, there is time to hear yourself and understand why you really live.

Let the knowledge received from me help you discover an amazing new world sail and look at life from a new perspective.

I wish you new horizons and a fair wind!

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