Japan: useful information for refugees from Ukraine

The Japanese government has simplified entry for Ukrainians – now the border is open, even if you do not have guarantors in the form of relatives or acquaintances, as was required initially. The government plans to consider each case on a case-by-case basis and issue a short stay visa on a case-by-case basis as an exception. May 14, 2022 0 3 min

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Entry conditions

Now Japan will also be open to those who have no connections in this country, given the humanitarian crisis faced by millions of Ukrainians due to the war. Ukrainians can get a Japanese visa under a simplified procedure, coronavirus restrictions have also been lifted.

For more information about the procedure for entering Japan, see the website of the Japanese Embassy in Ukraine.

Also, according to the information of the Immigration Bureau of Japan, Ukrainians who came to Japan from Ukraine with the status of residence “short stay” will be able to apply for a change of residence status permit to “Specific activity (1 year), which allows you to work. To do this, contact the nearest regional Immigration Bureau.

There is a lot of useful information and answers to all basic questions on the website of the Immigration Service of the Ministry of Justice of Japan

Entry with animals

It is not recommended to try to enter with animals, as the process of obtaining permission from the quarantine authority is lengthy and difficult. Read more here.

For all basic questions, we recommend contacting the FRESC help desk for refugees from Ukraine (calls are free, available in 20 languages, including Ukrainian and Russian):

< p>0120-76-2029+81-3-5363-3042


For arriving refugees, a 2-week accommodation in a hotel and further accommodation in special housing are organized.


At the state employment bureau Hello Work, government employees will help you find a job. This does not require any costs. First, contact your local Hello Work office. If you don't know where the nearest Hello Work office is, call 0800-919-2901 (English line).

Social allowance

The Government of Japan will pay social assistance to Ukrainian refugees for at least six months after applying for funds. Also, Ukrainians will additionally be provided with free access to Japanese language lessons and medical assistance, as well as employment assistance.

Ukrainian refugees can stay in a hotel, in which case the following amounts of assistance are expected:

  • 500 yen/day (~117 hryvnia) for one child under 12;


    • 1,000 yen/day (~234 hryvnia) per adult.

    If you move from a hotel to new housing provided by businesses and municipalities, daily payments will increase to :

    • 1,200 yen/day (~285 hryvnia) per child under 12;
    • 2,400 yen/day (~570 hryvnia) per adult.

    Also Japanese the government has provided a one-time assistance of 160,000 yen (about 37,563 hryvnia) for one Ukrainian over the age of 16 and 80,000 yen (about 18,781 hryvnia) for every refugee under 16 years old. This financial assistance will be available immediately after moving from a hotel to a new home.


    Individuals wishing to enroll in elementary, middle or high school should contact their local government. For registration of children in high school, contact the prefectural administration of the place of residence. The Kyöik Iinkai Education Commission will help you. Tuition is free, except for fees for electives, such as special Japanese lessons after entering elementary, middle or high school.

    If you want to enroll in a Japanese university or technical school, please contact directly where you want to enroll. Some Japanese universities say they will help people from Ukraine who seek protection in Japan and accept them for study. The list of higher education institutions is on this site.

    Help Chats


    Ukrainian Embassy in Japan

    Address: 3-5-31 Nishi Azabu Minato-ku Tokyo

    Phone: +8135474-9770, +8135474-9773 < /p>

    +81 90 17754206


    Take care of yourself and your loved ones !

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