Paid internship and employment for Ukrainians in Poland

MCI Capital ASI S.A. (MCI) together with the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce invites citizens of Ukraine to take part in a paid internship and employment program. May 20, 2022 0 3 min

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Ukrainians are offered a variety of paid internship programs in the following areas:

  • customer service;
  • accounting and compliance;
  • software development (including software development, Front End, PHP FullStack programming), database administration;
  • contact center;
  • quality assurance/complaint handling;
  • leisure group;
  • digital marketing;
  • finance;
  • global operations;
  • human resources and payroll;
  • reception and administration;
  • M&A support companies.

Applications can be submitted during May-August 2022. Applicants, students and graduates, and those who want to try themselves in a new field can take part.

Internships are offered in Polish cities and abroad, in particular, in Sofia, Bucharest, Vienna, Budapest. The list may expand as companies from different cities and countries are still joining the program.

How to join?

You must fill out the registration form at this link.

The next step is an interview and psychometric tests at this link, after which candidates will be invited to participate in a “super day” – a meeting in the company.

Recall that also in Poland a nationwide platform for recruitment for training for Ukrainian applicants was developed. The site is available in Ukrainian, Polish and English. The resource was developed within the framework of the Solidarity with Ukraine program of the University of Warsaw in cooperation with the Interuniversity Center for Informatization. On the site, Ukrainians can find information about Polish higher education institutions, internships and available vacancies for educators.

“The platform was prepared at the initiative of the Conference of Rectors of Academic Educational Institutions in Poland to help Ukrainian applicants, students, doctoral students and scientists to get acquainted with the offer of education or employment opportunities in Polish universities and research institutes,” the message says.

More than 10 Polish universities are participating in the program, including the Warsaw and Jagiellonian universities. A simplified system of admission to universities in Poland will operate for Ukrainian students. Since not all graduates from Ukraine can have certificates or diplomas, Poland has developed a procedure for testing the real knowledge of applicants.

Ukrainians who want to stay to study in Poland will be able to acquire student status already in the “zero” year of study, the so-called language year. In connection with the war in Ukraine, Polish universities have allocated about 2,437 places for Ukrainians. Of these, 1507 places are for applicants and 930 for students who are transferred to senior courses. However, for free education you need to know Polish.

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