How to apply to university in the USA: personal experience

Studying in the USA is a cherished dream for thousands of Ukrainian schoolchildren and students. But very often it breaks down about a misunderstanding of the admission process and self-doubt. We decided to find out how it really happens, whether it is really difficult to enter a university in the USA and how the American educational system works. Sasha Zholdakova, a student at the University of Central Florida, who has been studying in the States for three years now, told us all about this. January 21, 2021 AUTHOR: Alexandra Zholdakova 0 7 min

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Admission to a university in the United States is a fairly complex issue. It all depends on where exactly you want to go and who to study. If you plan to study in the USA immediately after graduation from school, then you need to start preparing for admission in the early fall of your graduation class. This can be done both independently and with the help of an agency. My family and I used the help of the educational agency EduSteps, and it helped us tremendously and facilitated the process.

The difficulty lies in the fact that in the United States there is no single system of requirements for applicants. Each university has its own conditions, which differ depending on the faculty. At this stage, it is better to seek help from a consultant, or be patient and find out everything directly from the university.

How to apply to a US university : personal experience

Author of the photo – Alexandra Zholdakova

How to enter a university in America

Here is an indicative checklist of what you need for admission:

How to apply to a university in the USA : personal experience

Photo by Alexandra Zholdakova

How to apply to a university in the USA : personal experience

Author of the photo – Alexandra Zholdakova

I am studying in Orlando, Florida, at the University of Central Florida with a degree in Hospitality Management (hotel and restaurant business). The university is divided into colleges by department, and I study at Rosen College of Hospitality Management, which this year was recognized as the best college in the world for this specialty. By the way, this is what was the main factor in choosing a university – rankings in the world and the United States in the chosen specialty. First, I decided on my direction, and then, together with my parents and EduSteps, I sorted out the lists of different universities.

I chose this faculty because I understood that I like working with people. I was in the Senate and school president in high school, and in general I am a sociable person. In addition, I started watching various documentaries and shows about hotels and the service industry, and I decided that it was very interesting.

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