Iceland: useful information for refugees from Ukraine

Many subscribers asked us about the conditions under which Iceland now accepts Ukrainians, let's figure it out! May 13, 2022 0 2 min

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Status of temporary protection

The Icelandic Ministry of Justice allowed citizens who were forced to leave Ukraine due to the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation to receive temporary protection.

According to the Aliens Act, a person must be present on the territory of the country or at its border in order to apply for temporary protection in Iceland. The application must be submitted to the Icelandic Immigration Authority or any police station in Iceland.

️Official information for citizens of Ukraine

Before arrival, you can pre-register to speed up the process.

The Immigration Office (Center for Assistance to Displaced Citizens of Ukraine) in Iceland is located at Bæjarhraun 18, Hafnarfjörður, Reykjavík. The center is open Open from 10:00 to 12:00.


After receiving an application for temporary protection in Iceland, the competent authorities of Iceland will provide comprehensive assistance in accommodating and finding housing.

Also, accommodation options can be found on these resources:

  • .ua

Food and welfare

The refugees will be provided with financial assistance in the amount of 8,000 crowns (approximately 50-55 euros) per week.


Кevery person receiving temporary protection in Iceland will be entitled to employment in the country.


The importation of pets is strictly controlled and is allowed only with permission from the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Service. Animals must be microchipped and vaccinated. Also, all animals arriving in the country must undergo a four-week quarantine.

There is no Ukrainian embassy in Iceland, therefore, if necessary, you should contact the Ukrainian embassy in Finland.

  • Helping Ukrainians in Iceland
  • Registering for a social adaptation course in Iceland

Ukrainian Embassy in Finland

Address: Vähäniityntie 9, 00570 Helsinki, Finland

+358 9 228 90 00

Hotline: +358 40 471 92 00 (24/7)

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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