Medicine import rules have been changed in the UAE

The rules for the import of medicines into the UAE have been changed

Now, before traveling to the UAE, tourists need to fill out a special form for the importation of drugs into the country for personal use — said a spokesman for the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention.

The control of this issue is entrusted to a new service for the import of medicines, created as part of the ministry's strategy to promote public health and ensure the supervision of medicines brought into the country by passengers.
To obtain a permit, you must create a profile on the ministry's website, download and fill out the form, and upload the necessary documents, which will be reviewed and approved by the ministry within one business day.
Medicines will be checked upon entry into the country by inspectors in cooperation with customs.
Import permits for medicines are granted upon submission of documents such as a doctor's prescription, proof of the patient's length of stay in the UAE and passport details.

Doctor Amin Hussein Al-Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary for Licensing and Public Health Policy at the ministry, said the ministry has developed a special law on the importation of medicines by passengers entering the country. Any medicine that does not meet the new requirements will be confiscated at the airport.

It is important to know that even if a medicine is legal in the passenger's home country, it may not be imported into the UAE without a prescription. Dr. Al-Amiri advised passengers to check whether imported drugs contain narcotic or psychotropic substances. The appointment of a doctor must be confirmed by the authorities.

List of substances subject to declaration.

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