STOPOVER in Doha: hotel, transfer , meals

For transit passengers with a long connection at Doha International Airport, Qatar Airways provides a hotel accommodation, transfer and catering service.

This service is subject to the following conditions only:
1) Forced Connection (no other Qatar Airways flights with a connection less than 8 hours).
2) Doha transit time is from 8 to 24 hours.
3) Itinerary does not include departure or arrival from the following cities: Abu Dhabi (AUH), Bahrain (BAH), Dubai (DXB), Dubai (DWC), Kuwait (KWI), Muscat ( MCT), Ras Al Khaimah (RKT) and Sharjah (SHJ).

Not available for all booking classes. You need to check with Qatar Airways to make sure this service is available for your trip.

Countries you can visit with a Qatar Airways flight: Indonesia (Bali), Maldives, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka.

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